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How to make a parallel run for nemo v3_3

Add a cpp key and compile

see list of keys for nemo v3_3

  • Add key key_mpp_mpi and set number of processors in ORCA2_LIM/cpp_ORCA2_LIM.fcm, and compile:
    ./makenemo -m SX8_BRODIE -n ORCA2_LIM add_key "key_mpp_mpi key_nproci=2 key_nprocj=2"

Configure config.card

  • Set same number of processors at compiling time in ORCA2_LIM/IGCM00/config.card: :
    #-- Total Number of Processors 
    JobNumProcTot=#proc at compiling time
  • Set a frequency for offline rebuild compatible with Period Length?

On brodie

  • Enable multi NQS class :
    #-- PBS Class (required on brodie mono/multi)
  • Enable run multi processors option in ORCA2_LIM/IGCM00/config.card: :
    #-- Run Options :
    JobRunOptions='"-np "${BATCH_NUM_PROC_TOT}"'

On vargas

  • Change MPI send type in namelist
       cn_mpi_send =  'I'      !  mpi send/recieve type   ='S', 'B', or 'I' for standard send,