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List of possible errors

How to perform a second simulation after a run with PeriodState=Fatal

rm Job_name/run.card; rm Script_Output* rm everything created during the simulation in IGCM_OUT

but do not cancel run.card. init file, if not run.card file is not re-created.

( File run.card.init is created with ins_job script )

Submit the main job —- or you can use clean_month.job script: cd EXPERIENCE
../../../lib IGCM/ clean_month.job

How to continue a simulation

Update config.card with the new DateEnd . Do not change DateBegin . Change PeriodState in run.card to OnQueue (or let clean_month job do it for you) Submit the main job

How to continue a simulation that crashed previously

If you want to relaunch a crashed simulation you need first to remove all files produced for the crashed period. Use the script modipsl/libIGCM/clean_month.job and answer yes to delete files and change run.card Submit the main job


In MPI it is good to use Rebuild in "archive" machine, to not ovrerload calcul machine.
You have to put in config.card in POST Session:

RebuildFrequency =1Y
RebuildFromArchive =true

NOTA BENE: If you put RebuildFrequency =1Y and you forget to set RebuildFromArchive =true, it is very dangerous. NEVER DO IT!

How to do a long job without exit from queue

You can play with Duration Experience, Period Lenght? and Period Nb? , elapstim_req in this way :
in config.card Duration Experience is = DateBegin - DateEnd
in config.card PeriodLenght is how many time you do restart files
in Job_Name PeriodNb is in Job_Name elapstim_req is elapsed time limit

Your job is out from queue every time that is finished a Period Nb? , so you can do :

PeriodNb = ( Duration Experience ) / PeriodLenght

but be careful with elapstim_req, because this is a limit, you've to be sure that it exists a queue that can hold you.

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