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On going work on alpha v4.0

Solved issues on dev_merge_2017 :

  • nemogcm.F90 : updated in SAS & OFF + data assimilation initial calls (asm_bkg_wri , tra_asm_inc …) moved to asm_inc_init see @9213
  • closed sea : restructure namcfg & its control print + set ln_closea = false if domcfg file not read (ln_domcfg=F) see @9213
  • OFF_SRC/dtadyn.F90 remove the use ua and tsa as work arrays + style see @9212
  • merge a 4th mpp_max (nstop, see WP2017/HPC03), cleaning in nemo_gcm routine (better management of step calls) see @9124
  • remove useless warning when reading namelist_cfg see @9168 and @9169
  • ln_timing instead of nn_timing + restricted timing to nemo_init and routine called by step in OPA_SRC see @9124

=⇒ Further work needed: the timing report is strange. Not sure we can set the timing of step routine and of al tea_ and dyn routines called by step…

Various issues to be solved before the beta version :

  • sbcisf: issue with drag coefficient: made all drag option available with ISF (cf !!gm comment replicated below)
    !!gm  NB  use pCdU here so that it will incorporate local boost of Cd0 and log layer case :
    !!         zustar(:,:) = SQRT( rCdU_top(:,:) * SQRT(utbl(:,:) * utbl(:,:) + vtbl(:,:) * vtbl(:,:) + r_ke0_top) )
    !! or better :  compute ustar in zdfdrg  and use it here as well as in TKE, GLS and Co
    !!     ===>>>>    GM  to be done this chrismas
    !!gm end
  • dynspg_ts.F90 ==⇒>> zwz zhf … calculation to be revisited (probably generic one is needed)

double check the merge between MERCATOR and CNRS for this module (ORCA2_LIM blow up after 180 time-step)

  • dynbfr.F90 =⇒ move this routine in zdfdrg and call it in dynzdf if explicit drag are used
  • diatmb =⇒>> control by iom_use SVP + top/bottom velocities are not at mkbt mibt
  • DIA =⇒>> create a diagnostic manager called in step which calls all dia… routines (NB: one timing for all diag)

=⇒>> decide whether digs. are control by iom_use or namelist param (I prefer the former option)

  • osmosis =⇒>> move the restart inside zdfosm.F90 not in step.F90
  • check all " !!gm " =⇒>> solve the reported issues if possible
  • bi-perio : create a "true" bi-periodic case that work in all MPI domain decomposition
  • Remove the lbc_lnk_bdy (a agreement in needed for that)
  • model time step : r2dt to be defined only 1 time (in step ?) =⇒>> use r2dt everywhere (remove all z2dt)
  • C1D moved in TEST_CASES ==⇒>> from Romain's work + remove key_c1d
  • iceberg : #1602 (heat flux) and #1595 (ifs & icb)
  • iceberg : use iceberg thickness integrated current =⇒>> #1900 (dev of Merino to be committed)
  • energy dissipation diag to be added as in v3.6 stable
  • remove : key_trdmxl_trc & key_trdtrc
  • Closea =⇒>> test case to be created from ORCA2 =⇒>> Simona?
  • ISOMIP & OVERFLOW — Issue with ln_zco, ln_zps, ln_sco =⇒> to be solved with SIMONA
  • sbcice_if : introduce a sbc_ice_if_init and create the climatological file =⇒>> Simona if you want ?
  • create initial state of ORCA2 for TESO10 =⇒>> Simona

Note for Christian: (he has been warned of the issue =⇒> bug correction planned to both trunk and v3.6_stable)

  • p4zsbc ==⇒>> bug correction (misplaced logical)
  • p4zflx (p4z_flx_init) :
    !!gm  BUG !!!   ===>>>  ln_presatm and ln_presatmco2 are used below, but read in namelist 
    !!gm                    at the end of the routine via a CALL to CALL p4z_patm( nit000 )

My assigned tickets

Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#1180 Bottom grid points with unrealistically cold temperature in ORCA2_LIM reopened Bug low 2020 WP OCE
#1584 utrd_zdf and vtrd_zdf are velocities minus momentum trends assigned Bug high TRD
#1723 diags KE with time_splitting assigned Bug high TRD
#1911 ENHANCE-04(2017WP) — MLF and RK3 time stepping assigned Task high Unscheduled OCE
#1918 ENHANCE-17(2017WP) — Multi-Column Ocean scheme (MCO) assigned Task low Unscheduled OCE
#1967 Noise on vertical velocities when using UBS momemtum advection scheme assigned Defect normal Unscheduled OCE
#1984 Error in the online momentum trend diagnostic assigned Bug normal TRD
#2044 ENHANCE-09_Gurvan-GEOMETRIC assigned Task normal Unscheduled OCE
#2068 Wrong namelist double diffusion mixing parameter name assigned Defect low OCE
#2485 Add an Shallow Water Eq. (SWE) based on NEMO ocean kernel + associated test case new Task low IMMERSE 2020 DYN