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Procedure to gather NEMO-related publications

Open databases

Reduced list to web libraries with available API and BibTeX export in order to eventually implement a script

| Archives API, if it exists Client, if it exists
ADS with a new web interface link 'ads' Python package (unofficial)
arXiv (not many publications)
 CORE link
CrossRef (no BibTeX export)
HAL link


Searching consensus

The aim here is not to produce the accurate list of publications generated by the use of NEMO (possible only after long work by hands) but at least a fair catalogue of references considered to be derived on way or another from a analysis of NEMO results.
After multiples tries, for now we have defined to search only for 2 words 'nemo' and 'ocean' but differently according to publications standard fields. Here is the query structure with the logical operators (AND|OR|NOT)





Full text OR Body

'nemo' AND 'ocean'

'nemo' AND 'ocean'

'nemo ocean'

These criteria are not final and could change in the future. In particular, a lexicographic analysis of the words contiguous to 'NEMO' in the already selected publications would be interesting in order to refine the query.

Direct links for online queries