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Deps installation


As the server can't access Internet to download and install $LaTeX$ from TeX Live mirrors, a workaround solution was to carry out a portable installation from an external system followed by a basic copy to the server.

[Make a fresh custom installation, less than 100Mb]

  1. Download the latest installer from
  1. Untar the archive and launch
    $ ./install-tl
    Add --portable option if you plan to build a standalone installation to copy on a remote server
  1. At least, choose the minimal scheme and follow the hints from the LaTex wikibook

Finish/Update the installation

  1. Install the requested LaTeX packages from source:/NEMO/trunk/doc/latex/DEPS
    $ tlmgr install $( cat path/to/DEPS )
    and/or add the missing ones
    $ tlmgr install [...]
  1. Check the compilation of LaTeX document(s)

  1. Copy the installation directory
    $ scp -r /path/to/usr/local/texlive USER@HOSTNAME:usr/local
  1. Update PATH environment variable if needed on the server
    $ export PATH=/path/to/texlive/bin:$PATH >> ~/.bashrc
    $ source ~/.bashrc

HTML export



$ tmlgr install tex4ht

Python packages

Almost the same procedure as $LaTeX$ with the import of Python sources from an external computer for a local installation on the server (via Python pip)

  1. Install the mandatory Python packages from source:/NEMO/trunk/doc/rst/requirements_make_html.txt
    $ pip install -r requirements_make_html.txt
  1. Check the compilation of HTML export
    $ make html
  1. Build wheels
    $ pip3 wheel -r requirements_make_html.txt --no-cache-dir