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    4242Note that the 3rd point is not absolutely needed as NEMO can perform "on the fly interpolation". The rotation of the vector on ORCA grid is done within the code. 
    4445The complete description of this work is given on NEMO web page: []. Interpolated data can be found at [] and []  
     48A first set of these simulations was performed with NEMO v3.2 and [ libIGCM] 1.4 for the running scrip environment. 
     50 * NEMOv3.2 source code is available here: []. 
     52 * libIGCM 1.4 source code is available here: []. 
     56The use of libIGCM with NEMOv3.2 is detailed in the following web page: [] 
     58An updated manual for NEMO v3.3 is available here: [] 
     62The following web page details all the procedure to perform this simulation: [] 
     64This page gives the "step by step" instructions to perform these simulations and lists the complete set of parameters (namelists, cpp keys...) that has been used to define the model configuration of these reference experiments. 
     68All simulations outputs are freely available on the following DODS server: 
     70 * [] 
     71 * [] 
     75= 3. output diagnostics = 
     77A set of diagnostics mostly based on [ Griffies et al. (2009)] has been specifically written to fit the specificities of the global grid used in NEMO: 
     79 * the tripolar curvilinear grid 
     80 * the C-grid discretisation 
     81 * the bottom partial steps 
     82 * the linear free surface 
     83 * the east-west boundaries condition and the north pole folding 
     87These diagnostics are based on the [ SAXO] package developed at LOCEAN, which uses the [ IDL] software. IDL is a not a free software, however we also provide a compiled version of these diagnostics that allow to use it with a '''free''' version of IDL called the "[ IDL virtual Machine]". There is therefore no need to have an IDL license to perform all those diagnostics. All the source code of these diagnostics (more than 2100 lines) are available at the following address: