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10:43 SourceCode/Performances edited by jgipsl


12:54 Changeset [3808] by daniel.goll
bugfix and cleaning DSG
09:09 Changeset [3807] by daniel.goll
implentation of a soil diffusitivity (to P) which accounts for the …


16:34 Ticket #256 (ALMA convention in XIOS) closed by jgipsl
fixed: The variables were not previously output in the alma files. It is added in …
16:32 Changeset [3806] by josefine.ghattas
Added riverflow and coastalflow in the alma output. See ticket #256
14:48 Documentation/UserGuide/ORCHIDEEDOFOCOInstall edited by gmarie
14:06 Changeset [3805] by anne-sofie.lanso
ADD file, the same as rev. 3803, but with file …


12:31 Ticket #256 (ALMA convention in XIOS) created by jpolcher
The ALMA convention is case sensitive and 2 variables are not correctly …
12:29 Changeset [3804] by jan.polcher
Makes sure that when the model is run on regularXY grids it also produces …
12:28 Ticket #255 (XIOS only works for regular Lat/Lon grids) created by jpolcher
The implementation of XIOS only works when the grid on which ORCHIDEE runs …


15:55 Documentation/UserGuide/LMDZOR edited by jgipsl
15:44 Changeset [3803] by anne-sofie.lanso
DEV Updates made in stomate_soilcarbon.f90, stomate_season.f90, …


15:52 Changeset [3802] by albert.jornet
Clean: move orchidee CROP restput calls to its module folder src_sticslai. …
11:32 Changeset [3801] by josefine.ghattas
The 3 variables soilalb_dry, soilalb_wet, soilalb_moy are only used if …
09:20 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-MICT-IMBALANCE-P/Modules edited by cyue


14:51 LAI_3795_all_pdfs_updated.pdf attached to DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-DOFOCO by aresovsky
14:50 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-DOFOCO edited by aresovsky
12:27 Changeset [3800] by josefine.ghattas
- removed variables never used - some variables were declared as …
12:04 SourceCode/ORCHIDEE_OL edited by jgipsl
11:57 Changeset [3799] by josefine.ghattas
- Bug: added lai2D.nc file in OOL_SEC/COMP/sechiba.card. This file was …


15:28 Changeset [3798] by james.ryder
commit with multi-layer code (circ_class_biomass error)
10:00 Changeset [3797] by albert.jornet
Fix: use zdz2_soil instead of zdz2. Introduced when new implicit snow …
07:36 Changeset [3796] by jan.polcher
Some small changes to the new routing
01:01 Changeset [3795] by alex.resovsky
Changed resp_growth in stomate_growth_fun_all.f90; now calculated as …


18:10 SourceCode/Performances edited by jgipsl
18:03 SourceCode/Performances edited by jgipsl
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15:35 SourceCode/Performances edited by ajornet
15:17 SourceCode/Performances edited by ajornet
13:58 Changeset [3794] by josefine.ghattas
Update with modifications done on the trunk between revision 3740 and …
12:31 Changeset [3793] by josefine.ghattas
- cut lines for compilation with gfortran - removed some variables never …
09:44 DevelopmentActivities/Branches/ORCHIDEE-MICT-IMBALANCE-P/SimulationTimes edited by ajornet
09:39 DevelopmentActivities/Branches/ORCHIDEE-MICT-IMBALANCE-P/SimulationTimes edited by ajornet
09:30 DevelopmentActivities/Branches/ORCHIDEE-MICT-IMBALANCE-P/SimulationTimes edited by ajornet
09:18 DevelopmentActivities/Branches/ORCHIDEE-MICT-IMBALANCE-P/SimulationTimes edited by ajornet


18:35 DevelopmentActivities/Branches/ORCHIDEE-MICT-IMBALANCE-P/SimulationTimes edited by ajornet
18:13 DevelopmentActivities/Branches/ORCHIDEE-MICT-IMBALANCE-P/SimulationTimes edited by ajornet
17:37 DevelopmentActivities/Branches/ORCHIDEE-MICT-IMBALANCE-P/SimulationTimes edited by ajornet
17:27 DevelopmentActivities/Branches/ORCHIDEE-MICT-IMBALANCE-P/SimulationTimes edited by ajornet
15:30 DevelopmentActivities/Branches/ORCHIDEE-MICT-IMBALANCE-P/ReferenceSimulations edited by ajornet
14:58 DevelopmentActivities/Branches/ORCHIDEE-MICT-IMBALANCE-P/SimulationTimes edited by ajornet
04:35 Changeset [3792] by bertrand.guenet
correction when calling stomate_lpj, DOC_EXP was called instead of …


12:15 GroupActivities/Training edited by lathiere


17:06 Changeset [3791] by albert.jornet
Fix: code missplaced when CROP merged in routing_flow. The error comes …
15:40 Changeset [3790] by albert.jornet
New: update all file_def_orchidee.xml variables from …
10:43 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CN/Global/runRev3714 edited by nvuilsce
10:42 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CN/Global/runRev3714 edited by nvuilsce


18:29 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CN/Global/runRev3714 edited by pmessina
18:28 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CN/Global/runRev3714 edited by pmessina
18:28 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CN/Global/runRev3714 edited by pmessina
18:27 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CN/Global/runRev3714 edited by pmessina
18:26 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CN/Global/runRev3714 edited by pmessina
18:24 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CN/Global/runRev3714 edited by pmessina
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18:21 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CN/Global/runRev3714 edited by pmessina
16:52 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CN/Global/runRev3714 edited by pmessina
16:46 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CN/Global/runRev3714 created by pmessina
16:30 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CN/Global edited by pmessina
15:41 Changeset [3789] by josefine.ghattas
Correction to compile orchideedriver and teststomate due to modifications …
10:15 Changeset [3788] by albert.jornet
New: add ptn_pftmean to xios history outputs


16:48 GroupActivities/Training edited by lathiere
16:48 GroupActivities/Training edited by lathiere
15:12 Changeset [3787] by josefine.ghattas
- only master process(is_root_prc) now open and read the files. otherwise …
13:49 Changeset [3786] by bertrand.guenet
linear function to define Ea
11:31 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-DOFOCO edited by aresovsky
11:30 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-DOFOCO edited by aresovsky


11:28 Changeset [3785] by albert.jornet
Merge: from revision [3284/branches/ORCHIDEE-MICT] Merge: from revision …
11:05 Changeset [3784] by albert.jornet
Merge: from revisions [3273:3277/branches/ORCHIDEE-MICT]
10:53 Changeset [3783] by albert.jornet
Fix: time_step is used instead of dt_sechiba. This comes from revision …
09:32 Changeset [3782] by albert.jornet
Branch: intial commit
08:30 DevelopmentActivities/CMIP6/DevelopmentsCMIP6/hydric_stress edited by maignan
05:36 Changeset [3781] by yiying.chen
DEV: Test simulation for windfall module at the global and a regional …


17:22 ReferenceSimulations/3607 edited by jgipsl
15:54 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-MICT-IMBALANCE-P/knownissues edited by ajornet
14:11 Changeset [3780] by ronny.lauerwald
kill bug with streamfl_frac causing negative LOM
11:45 Changeset [3779] by josefine.ghattas
- Changed ipslerr_p level from level 3(stop) to 2(warning) in …


22:50 DevelopmentActivities/CMIP6/DevelopmentsCMIP6/hydric_stress edited by maignan
19:29 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-DOFOCO edited by luyssaert
19:11 Changeset [3778] by albert.jornet
Fix: CO2_GM is repeated
17:56 Changeset [3777] by albert.jornet
Fix: set constant values from Integer to Real type. ADA's Intel latest …
16:07 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-DOFOCO edited by aresovsky
16:05 Changeset [3776] by alex.resovsky
Updated calculations for temperature coefficient …
14:05 Branches/ORCHIDEE-MICT-IMBALANCE-P/MergeNews edited by ajornet
10:18 DevelopmentActivities/CMIP6/DevelopmentsCMIP6/hydric_stress edited by nvuilsce
09:27 DevelopmentActivities/CMIP6/DevelopmentsCMIP6/hydric_stress edited by aducharne


20:13 Changeset [3775] by ronny.lauerwald
correct DOC update per layer
12:29 Changeset [3774] by jan.polcher
The new version of routing_linkup now also works with the corase basin …
10:55 DevelopmentActivities/CMIP6/DevelopmentsCMIP6/hydric_stress edited by maignan
05:14 Changeset [3773] by bertrand.guenet
linear regression for Q10


18:22 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-DOFOCO edited by aresovsky
17:50 LAI_3763_all_pdfs_updated.pdf attached to DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-DOFOCO by aresovsky
Panel plot (revised); version 3763 - LAI, mean height, diamter, individual …
17:48 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-DOFOCO edited by aresovsky
17:24 DevelopmentActivities/Branches/ORCHIDEE-MICT-IMBALANCE-P/SimulationTimes edited by ajornet
17:23 ioipsl_forcesoil.jpg attached to DevelopmentActivities/Branches/ORCHIDEE-MICT-IMBALANCE-P/SimulationTimes by ajornet
17:23 DevelopmentActivities/Branches/ORCHIDEE-MICT-IMBALANCE-P/SimulationTimes edited by ajornet
15:25 GroupActivities/Training edited by jgipsl
15:21 Branches/ORCHIDEE-MICT-IMBALANCE-P/MergeNews edited by ajornet
13:50 Branches/ORCHIDEE-MICT-IMBALANCE-P/MergeNews edited by ajornet
13:47 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-MICT-IMBALANCE-P/Modules edited by ajornet
13:47 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-MICT-IMBALANCE-P/Modules edited by ajornet
13:43 Changeset [3772] by fabienne.maignan
modify checks on snow quantities in explicitsnow
13:40 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-MICT-IMBALANCE-P/Modules edited by ajornet
13:39 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-MICT-IMBALANCE-P/Modules edited by ajornet
13:32 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-MICT-IMBALANCE-P/Modules edited by ajornet
13:30 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-MICT-IMBALANCE-P/Modules edited by ajornet
13:29 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-MICT-IMBALANCE-P/Modules edited by ajornet
13:24 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-MICT-IMBALANCE-P/Modules edited by ajornet
13:22 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-MICT-IMBALANCE-P/Modules edited by ajornet
11:52 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-MICT-IMBALANCE-P/Modules edited by ajornet
11:48 Changeset [3771] by albert.jornet
Merge: new Grassland Management Module (GRM) from revision …
11:18 Ticket #254 (an array temporary was created for argument warnings) created by ajornet
The following suggestion delete several warning messages when Orchidee is …
10:58 Changeset [3770] by albert.jornet
Clean: use mpi is a better approach for Fortran 90. Include statement is …


17:26 Changeset [3769] by lluis.fita
Final commitment with the suggestions after the meeting of 2016 September …
15:12 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-CNP/activate11HYDRO edited by dgoll
11:36 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-DOFOCO edited by aresovsky


18:49 Changeset [3768] by daniel.goll
several bugfixes related to timestep issue most for output, but not …
18:01 Changeset [3767] by lluis.fita
Updating the code with the last accorded changes after a meeting with …
13:46 Changeset [3766] by albert.jornet
New: add xios outputs for MICT specifics
12:42 Changeset [3765] by josefine.ghattas
Removed attribut unit which was set twice. This error was found with the …
11:50 LAI_3763_all_pdfs_panel1.pdf attached to DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-DOFOCO by aresovsky
Panel plot; version 3763 - LAI, mean height, diamter, individual tree …
11:47 DevelopmentActivities/ORCHIDEE-DOFOCO edited by aresovsky
09:24 Changeset [3764] by lluis.fita
Working and tested merge with trunk version r3711r (equivalent to 3740)


17:53 Changeset [3763] by alex.resovsky
DEV: Updated calculations for temperature coefficients in stomate_resp.f90 …
16:28 ReferenceSimulations/3607 edited by jgipsl
15:37 Changeset [3762] by nicolas.vuichard
create new personal branch


17:22 DevelopmentActivities/Branches/ORCHIDEE-MICT-IMBALANCE-P/ReferenceSimulations/TrendySimulations edited by maignan
15:30 Documentation/UserGuide/InstallingORCHIDEE edited by jgipsl
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11:24 Documentation/UserGuide/InstallingORCHIDEE edited by pmaugis
09:26 Changeset [3761] by josefine.ghattas
Moved variables transpir from TimeSeriesVars2D to TimeSeriesVars3D. Added …
09:21 ReferenceSimulations/3607 edited by jgipsl
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