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Project news: CMIP6 and different versions

See here the agenda for the different developments and merge into the trunk planned be done for CMIP6 : wiki:DevelopmentActivities/CMIP6/DevelopmentsCMIP6

A summary time table of the developments for version-1 of CMIP6 (based on the TRUNC) is given: cmip6_planing

Ongoing work concern in particular:

  • A merge between the soil thermal and hydrology discretization is ongoing (to be ready after the summer) with a common discretization at the surface but for the thermic the depth of the soil (10 m by default) can be deeper than for the hydrology (2m by default); Work by Fuxing Wang; (see wiki:DevelopmentActivities/CMIP6/DevelopmentsCMIP6/soil_physic)
  • The Nitrogen cycle (taken mostly from OCN model) has been included in different version of ORCHIDEE under the supervision of Nicolas Vuichard (TRUNC and MICT version); Test are ongoing and information can be found at wiki:DevelopmentActivities/MergeOCN
  • An activity started to prepare land cover changes for ORC (for different projects such as LUC4C and CMIP6); The PFT maps will use Land cover transitions provided by G. Hurtt and possibly the new land cover map from ESA-CCI-lcover project; see wiki:Meetings/CMIP6/LandCover)

ORCHIDEE trunk source code

Here below are the main changes done in ORCHIDEE trunk source code during the last year.
Simulations using different trunk revision are done regularly and can be seen here: wiki:ReferenceSimulations. See especially the latest revision 2724 here: wiki:ReferenceSimulations/2724 All feedback are most welcome.

Physical changes

  • The multilayer snow modules has been updated by Tao Wang. See ticket #179
  • The dynamic vegetation has been updated and corrected by Dan Zhu for the high latitude (paper in GMD: See ticket #182
  • Initialize t2m_longterm without reading file. See ticket #158
  • Add beta factor in enerbil during coupling with LMDZ by Fuxing Wang, see ticket #157
  • Enhancement in CWRR hydrology and routing, see ticket #113, #114 and #151
  • Bug correction: interpolation of SWdown with 'daily' forcing files, see ticket #156
  • Change default value for SPRED_PREC (control the spread of the precipitation between different time step if the forcing file provide Precip at lower frequency than 30min, see ticket #177

Technical changes

  • The vegetation map is now read in the beginning of a new year instead of in December. This change simplifies the simulation set up. Read more here: wiki:Documentation/UserGuide/ReadingPFTmap
  • Structural change for the main subroutines. Each module now have the three subroutines _initialize, _main and _finalize. The _main subroutine is only called in the time loop once per time step. All initialization should be done before the _main subroutines are called. See ticket #168. For example see sechiba.f90.
  • XIOS is added as output library in ORCHIDEE. It is replacing IOIPSL in a more efficient way. See here the presentation about XIOS in ORCHDIDEE given at the developers meeting the 31st of Mars 2015. XIOS is now used as default in LMDZOR_v6 configurations and as option in ORCHIDEE_OL configuration. These configurations using XIOS are tested at curie, ada and obelix.
  • Homogenization of variables controlling the text output: a new variable PRINTLEV replaces BAVARD, LONGPRINT and local debug variables. Read more here: wiki:Documentation/UserGuide/Printlev
  • ORCHIDEE_WATCHOUT and STOMATE_WATCHOUT have been removed, see ticket #172.
  • Clarification in time step variables: dt_sechiba and dt_stomate are replacing dt_radia and dt_slow. The new variables do not need to be passed as argument. See ticket #87
  • Compiling options for ciclad using ifort is added. Same options are supposed to work at climserv too. libIGCM latest tag v2.6 can be used at ciclad.

Externalized parameters

The file orchidee.default contains all parameters and their default values. This file is found in ORCHIDEE/orchidee.default besides the src_ directories. It is not longer existing in the configuration directory. This file is only used as an example and it can not be used directly during a simulation. The same list of parameters can also be found on the wiki:Documentation/OrchideeParameters

Note that this page must be updated and it is not always the latest version. Note also that this list corresponds to the file orchidee.default and both are created using a script that scans the ORCHIDEE source code. The script is scanning all comments in the code beginning with !Config situated above the call getin in the code. The default value which is marked in orchidee.default or at the wiki corresponds to the value set in the comment !Config Def and not the real value. Any doubts must be checked into the source code.

Removed parameters:

  • LAND_COVER_CHANGE: stomate_lcchange is always calculated if the vegetation map is updated.
  • BAVARD, LONGPRINT: homogenization
  • SECHIBA_rest_time: see ticket #174
  • SECHIBA_DAY: parameter never used, see #173
  • DRAINAGE_FACTOR_F: see changeset [2344]
  • SPLIT_DT: removed, split_dt is now calculated using the variable DT_SECHIBA, see #98

Parameters that changed names

  • DT_SLOW changed name into DT_STOMATE
  • LAND_USE changed name into MAP_PFT_FORMAT (default =y) : This parameter is only controlling the format of the vegetation file. If MAP_PFT_FORMAT=y(default), read on pft format. If =n, read the Olson map.

Parameters that changed default values

  • SPRED_PREC: Changed from 1 to the half of the forcing time step or uniform, depending on dt_force and dt_sechiba. This parameter is not needed to be set in run.def file any more. The default value is calculated in the code, see #177

Added parameters

  • DT_SECHIBA ([s]): Time-step of the sechiba component. Default value is 1800s. Only for offline mode.
  • PRINTLEV ([0-5]): level of text output. PRINTLEV=1 (default) production mode, PRINTLEV=5 very much output, read more here : wiki:Documentation/UserGuide/Printlev
  • PRINTLEV_sechiba, PRINTLEV_intersurf, PRINTLEV_slowproc, PRINTLEV_dim2_driver, PRINTLEV_readdim2, PRINTLEV_forcesoil : change the printlev for a specific module. Default value is the value for PRINTLEV.

Installation of ORCHIDEE

Configurations using ORCHIDEE

  • Manipulation of the parameter files has changed in ORCHIDEE_OL and LMDZOR_v6 configurations. Highlight: The drivers do not do any hidden modifications.
    • A value set in run.def can only be modified by the driver if it is set equal AUTO or AUTOBLOCKER
    • A parameter can not be added by the driver, this means that the run.def file can not be empty any more, at least the AUTOBLOCKER variables must be set.
    • Read more here: wiki:Documentation/UserGuide/ManipulationDefFile
  • XIOS is added as option in ORCHIDEE_OL configuration. The code is extracted but by default it is not compiled.
    • Compile as following to use XIOS :
         cd modipsl/config/ORCHIDEE_OL
         gmake with_xios
    • After compiling with XIOS, activating must also be done in orchidee_ol.card. To use the server mode, take example form config.card.xios_server in OOL_SEC_STO.
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