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User Guide to ORCHIDEE

This page let you to answer some problems you can meet with ORCHIDEE. You will find several tutorials explaining how to install and run the model, how to debug, etc. You can also find information among the presentations done during the Orchidee Training courses

Installation, compilation and basic run


Different ways to configure simulations with libIGCM

History/output files



Debugging and profiling

Coupling to LMDZ

Forcing files

Useful shellscript examples

Q&A from orchidee-help

Propositions for additional pages

  • Good practices to avoid using buggy code (e.g. use debug mode, check mass conservation, check 1+1=2) : proposed by D. Goll to be inserted in each page of the Debug section

Archived (old pages, partly outdated, but still useful with caution)

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