Use of / Publication with ORCHIDEE and associated Policy

ORCHIDEE Articles (ALL Users)

Fair policy

In order to keep track of all papers with ORCHIDEE, to inform about recently submitted papers and to prevent conflict around co-authorship, a specific shared-box is defined to drop ORCHIDEE papers:

Everyone should when writting or being co-author of a new paper which uses ORCHIDEE:

  • Drop the new paper under the shared-box
  • At the same time advertise the project group (orchidee-dev@…), at least 1-2 weeks before submission, with the title of the paper and the link to the share-box

=> Note: If there are co-authorship issues that can not be simply resolved by the concerned people, we should discuss them during ORCHIDEE Tuesday meeting.

Creating a DOI

If you need to create a DOI of your ORCHIDEE simulations, see details in DOI creation

External Users

see policy under the ORCHIDEE web site

Generic text for people requesting the ORCHIDEE model:

We are honoured that you consider the ORCHIDEE land surface model for your research. However, the current limited engineering staff within the ORCHIDEE group does not allow us to provide the full support that would be needed to install and easily run the model on any server. In this context, we are encouraging potential users to establish a more direct collaboration with one member of the ORCHIDEE core team in order to benefit from the support/investment of an ORCHIDEE expert. You can thus send few details about your intended use of the ORCHIDEE model to « orchidee-projet@… », and we will try to answer you as shortly as possible. If you anyhow still would like to access the code, we currently provide a tarball of the version used for the CMIP5 exercice. You can also look at the page ( for the list of core team members of ORCHIDEE.

Internal Users

  • Our values/visions/missions document is here :Valus/visions/missions document it has been written during the ORCHIDEE day of March 17, 2023 where we collectively decided the value vision and mission of the ORCHIDEE group to ensure fair and healthy collaborations.
  • What should you do when using a given version ?
    • Using a Branch: CONTACT the branch responsibles !
    • Using the TRUNK / A specific Environment-feature / A ref simulation: CHECK the model contributors table (link below);

Depending on the features / options that your study will benefit from you need to contact the main responsibles in the model contributors table; If you are unsure please contact for the Energy budget (either Frederic, ...?), the Water cycle and snow (either Agnes, Jan, Catherine), the Carbon cycle (either Nicolas Viovy, Philippe, ...?), the Nitrogen cycle (Nicolas Vuichard),..

  • Model Contributors: use this document(working version 23mars 2016) for proper citations, acknowledgement and potential co-authorship around scientific & technical features, drivers, tools and ref simulations. Private page to edit the table(you must log in to access this page)
  • What should you do when preparing a paper ?
    • SEND an email to all developers (orchidee-dev@…) to inform on the objectives of the study and the model version that will be used (wether the Trunk or a Branch).
    • FILL the table "Intended studies" gathering all proposed studies (link below)
    • When submitting: SEND the paper to all developers for information (orchidee-dev@…)
  • What should you do when writing a project proposal that will use ORCHIDEE ?
    • SEND an email to the core project team (orchidee-projet@…) to inform about the project at submission.
    • SEND an email when the proposal is accepted.
  • Recommendations to all
    • Permanents: Always remind that CDDs face very difficult conditions to find long term position; => Make sure they are properly rewarded for their contributions (during & after visit)
    • CDDs: Keep in mind all the support you got & the effort that has been put into the overall model environment; => Devote time to help the integration of your developments into the TRUNK
    • Everyone should try to contribute to the TRUNK

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