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The ORCHIDEE project group has together planned a table of simulations used to validate successive versions of the model. See here the protocol ValidationPlan_20150605.pdf. The simulations are done in offline mode at global and site level and coupled with LMDZ. Summary over the simulations in the validation protocol:

Coupled LMDZ-ORCHIEE simulations:

CL1 1981-1990 Grid: 96x95x39, Full ORCHIDEE (with sechiba and stomate and routing activated) and standard physics(old) of LMDZ
CL2 1981-1990 As CL1 but with the physics NPv3.2 of LMDZ
CL3 1981-1991 As CL2 with nudging of LMDZ
CL4 1980-1990, restart from old CL4 Grid: 144x142x79, LMDZ physics: NPv5.67
CL5 1980-1990, restart from old CL4 as CL5 with nudging of LMDZ

Forced global ORCHIDEE simulations:

FG1 1901-1910 340years spinup with CRU-NCEP forcing Without restart
 FG1trans 1860-1900 Transient simulation. Land cover map is changing annually. Forcing is still cycling over 1901-1910 Restart from FG1
 FG2 1901-2012 Historical simulation using CRU-NCEP Restart from FG1trans
FG3 1951-2010 As FG2 but with Princeton 1 degree forcing Without restart. The first 20years are considered as spinup.

Forced site simulations with ORCHIDEE:

FL1 ~150 Fluxnet sites

See the main changes on the trunk between the different revisions here : SourceCode

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