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Soil hydrology

Lead : Agnès D.

Other authors: Fuxing Wang, Josefine Ghattas, Jan Polcher, Matthieu Guimberteau, Nicolas Vuichard, Fabienne Maignan, Catherine Ottlé, Pascal Maugis, Frédérique Chéruy, Philippe Peylin, Philippe Ciais, etc.


  • Introduction with reminder of the 2-layer scheme cf first draft of overview paper
  • Description of the multi-layer soil hydrology, based on
  • Evaluation of the model for some hydrology variables: SSM with Claire Magand; river discharge/GRACE if not used in other papers; others?
  • Possible section on the sensitivity to some parameters/options: depth, texture, exponential variability in infiltration, soil resistance, avan/nvan varying with depth

Possible overlap with other papers:

  • water stress and Nicolas Vuichard's paper
  • soil freezing and MICT paper

First draft :