What is SAXO ?

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Table of Contents

1. What is SAXO ?
2. Prerequisites
3. Include

1. What is SAXO ?

SAXO is a package (~400 routines, ~60 000 code lines) used to easily and quickly visualize and analyze models outputs or data observations. It is based on IDL and contains a Graphic User Interface. Developed in collaboration with LOCEAN researchers, it allows to explore four dimension data which may be gridded or irregularly spaced. It is particularly adapted to the “Arakawa C grid” discretization used in NEMO. In addition to graphical procedures, interpolation modules and other things …, it contains a set of programs dedicated to oceanographic diagnostics.

2. Prerequisites

SAXO needs at least IDL 6.0.


SAXO can be used with the 7 minutes demo-mode (within the limitations of this mode: impossible to save data and create a file).

3. Include