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bad links in some directory-overview.html

Reported by: pinsard Owned by: pinsard
Priority: minor Milestone: provide usefull and beautifull documentations
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In we can see in § Required but not found URLs (HTTP code 404) that there are some bad links in [
because of /saxo/download/idldoc_html_output/Grid//domdef%3C/pro%3E)%20%20previously%20defined%20by%20%3Cpro%3Esaveboxparam.html 1.

This is due to a mistake in which does not correctly handle
multiple occurences of <pro> ...</pro> on the same line.

This problem was known and the temporary solution was to recommand to write only one
<pro>... </pro> per line but I did not imagine that lines are restructrured in directory-overview.html files.

Here is a way to test future improvements :

$ cd /tmp/
$ mkdir pro2href_tp_in
$ mkdir pro2href_tp_
$ cd pro2href_tp
$ cat tp.html
<pro>a1a</pro> <pro>a1b</pro>
$ cp tp.html pro2href_tp_in/
$ cd ../pro2href_tp_in
$ touch a1a.html
$ touch a1b.html
$ touch a2.html
$ ~/SAXO_DIR_ws/SRC/Documentation/xmldoc/ .
$ more tp.html 

If the result is not ok, improve, copy pro2href_tp/tp.html
in pro2href_tp_in/ and try again ...

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comment:1 Changed 15 years ago by pinsard

  • Keywords link added
  • Owner changed from somebody to pinsard
  • Status changed from new to assigned was improved but still not working perfectly because path of links on the different occurences of <pro>...</pro> may not be the same.

For example in the summary of in Grid/directory-overview.html we have on the same line domdef and saveboxparam.

Check of links should be performed before committed a new release of idldoc outputs.

On MacOS, this can be done like this :

$ cd ~/SAXO_DIR_ws/SRC/Documentation/idldoc_assistant_output/
$ list_html=$(find . -name "*.html")
$ for file in ${list_html}; do checklink ${file}; done 1> log 2> err
$ grep 404 log | sort -u
$ rm err log

and the same in ~/SAXO_DIR_ws/SRC/Documentation/idldoc_html_output/.

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