IPSL Volcano project

The goal is to use modelisation to better understand the role of volcanism in the global climate system.

Data Request

CMIP6 DataRequest - Informations about CMIP6 data request.


AOD in IPSLCM6.0.14 - Test the IPSLCM6.0.14 version.

AOD in IPSLCM6.0.10 - Test the IPSLCM6.0.10 version.

AOD in IPSLCM6.0.9 - Test the IPSLCM6.0.9 version.

AOD in IPSLCM6.0.7 - Test the IPSLCM6.0.7 version.

AOD in IPSLCM6.0.5 - Test the IPSLCM6.0.5 version.

AOD in IPSLCM6.0.4 - Test the IPSLCM6.0.4 version.

AOD in LMDZOR6 - Test the LMDZ6 2435 version.

OMP in LMDZOR6 - Test the LMDZ6 2471 version with OpenMP using or not RRTM.

Evaluate volcanic forcing in LMDZOR6 - Test the LMDZ6 version and its readaerosol strato.

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