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Preparing an IPSLCM6 model without PISCES and ORCHIDEE for compiling and simulation

For the sake of simplicity the Schwarz algorithm was only implemented and tested without PISCES for the ocean and without ORCHIDEE for the atmosphere.

As well, regarding resolution, the method was implemented on the ORCA2 grid for NEMO and a 96x95-39 grid for LMDZ.

The ice model retained was LIM3 which allows for greater control and is conservative.

The various steps to get a working IPSLCM6 model with these settings are now described.

IPSLCM6 model

Get the latest IPSLCM6 model from the forge repository.

In the workdir of your project, create a directory for your new IPSLCM6 installation, move into it and get modipsl by executing:

svn co modipsl

Go in modipsl/util and execute:

./model -h

to get the list of downloadable models and configurations.

Choose the latest IPSLCM6 model, for instance IPSLCM6.1.9-LR. Download it by executing:

./model IPSLCM6.1.9-LR

setting an ORCA2LIM3PISCES configuration in NEMOGCM/CONFIG

Go to the modeles/NEMOGCM/CONFIG directory and have a look at the available configurations with ls.

Since ORCA2_LIM3_PISCES is not a standard configuration of NEMO in the IPSLCM6 model it is necessary to create this configuration. In order to retain the latest changes to NEMO-LIM3 we use the ORCA1_LIM3_PISCES configuration as a template.

To do this execute the following lines:

./makenemo -n ORCA2_LIM3_PISCES -r ORCA1_LIM3_PISCES -m X64_IRENE -j0
./makenemo -n ORCA2_LIM3_PISCES -m X64_IRENE clean

The first line creates a new directory ORCA2_LIM3_PISCES based on ORCA1_LIM3_PISCES retaining all changes to the sources in the MY_SRC directory. This will let you have the latest changes to NEMO-LIM3. As a side effect you also get PISCES changes which will anyway not be compiled since it is removed at compile time.

The second line cleans the ORCA2_LIM3_PISCES directory from temporary files that may have been imported from ORCA1_LIM3_PISCES.

preparing the IPSLCM6 Makefile to compile ORCA2_LIM3 + LMDZ96x96-L39

Go in your configuration directory: modipsl/config/IPSLCM6.

Edit the file Makefile.

Add the following sections to it, (be carefull that indented sections must use a Tab character for the makefile to work):

ORCA2LIM3xLMD9695-L39-NOPISCES-NOORCH : libioipsl oasis3-mct xios orca2lim3nopisces lmdz96x95x39noorch verif
    echo "ORCA2LIM3xLMD9695-L39-NOPISCES-NOORCH" >.resol
    echo "RESOL_ATM_3D=96x95x39" >>.resol
    echo "$(LIB_MPI)" >.libmpi