deactivating horizontal physics from NEMO and LMDZ

The sources modified for deactivating the horizontal physics are available in the subversion repository :

svn co svn+ssh://forge/ipsl/forge/projets/cocoa/svn/SMALL_COCOA MY_SMALL_COCOA

will dowload the files in the directory:



For NEMO the modifications apply to step.F90 in your config/IPSLCM6/SOURCES/NEMO.

Review the lines with the test:

IF (kswr >= kall )

and modify your step.F90 according to this.

The variable kall is already declared in the SCHWARZ_IPSLCM6VLRNOP version of the sources and read from namelist_ORCA2_cfg as set from config.card by DRIVER/opa9.driver.

See Schwarz implementation for information on namefiles and .def files.


For LMDZ the modifications apply to leapfrog_loc.F in modeles/LMDZ/libf/dyn3dmem.

Same as for NEMO, review the lines with the test:

IF (kswr >= kall )

to introduce the modifications in leapfrog_loc.F.

Again the variable kall is already defined and its value read from gcm.def as set from confg.card by DRIVER/lmdz.driver.

Again see Schwarz implementation.

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