Generating coupling weights between NEMO and DYNAMICO

On Curie : /ccc/cont003/home/gencmip6/p86mart

USE_XIOS_00 : preliminary attempt

we use a fortran program in src/USE_XIOS and iodef.xml` to interpolate for NEMO to LMDZ

USE_XIOS_01 : successful for interpolation from NEMO to LMDZ

A attempt to interpolate from LMDZ to NEMO fails. Two fortran programs to interpolate from NEMO to LMDZ and from LMDZ to NEMO

USE_XIOS_02 : all first order interpolations

First order interpolation working : NEMO <==> LMDZ and NEMO <==>

A generic fortran programs allows to perform all these interpolations.

Bash scripts : Interpol_NemoLmd.bash and Interpol_NemoIco.bash


  • Generates grid files for OASIS :,, This could be done by nco commands. But using XIOS will allow to do it in parallel.

USE_XIOS_03 : to test second order interpolations

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