source: CONFIG/IPSLCM/IPSLCM5-2/EXPALL/CARD/CpiControl/co2.log.init @ 1549

Last change on this file since 1549 was 1549, checked in by jgipsl, 13 years ago

Added directory EXPALL which contains the possibility to run all 5
experiences :

  • DRIVER : contains all *.driver before in COMP directory (the drivers are the same for all experiences)
  • PARAM : all files from EXP00/PARAM (not yet adapted for all experiences)
  • CARD : this directory contains one subdirectory per experience; hitorical, piControl, etc...
  • CARD/XXX : contains all *.card necessary to run experience XXX

*This revision contains the PARAM only for EXP00. In next commit,
modifications will be done so that all experience can be run correctly.
*Must be run with a modifcation in libIGCM concerning the DRIVER

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