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1<!-- =========================================================================================================== -->
2<!-- field_def_orchidee.xml : Definition of all existing variables                                               -->
3<!-- This file must only be changed if a call xios_orchidee_send_field is added, changed or removed              -->
4<!-- =========================================================================================================== -->
6<field_definition id="orchidee" prec="4" domain_ref="domain_landpoints" operation="average" freq_op="1ts" enabled=".TRUE." default_value="9.96921e+36">
9  <!-- Definition of all variables in sechiba -->
10  <field_group id="sechiba">
11    <field id="mrsos" name="mrsos" long_name="Moisture in Upper 0.1 m of Soil Column" unit="kg m-2"/>
12    <field id="Areas" name="Areas" long_name="Mesh areas" unit="m2" operation="once"/>
13    <field id="LandPoints" name="LandPoints" long_name="Land Points" unit="1" operation="once"/>
14    <field id="Contfrac" name="Contfrac" long_name="Continental fraction" unit="1" operation="once"/>
15    <field id="mrro" name="mrro" long_name="Total Runoff" unit="kg m-2 s-1"/>
16    <field id="ptn" name="ptn" long_name="Deep ground temperature" unit="K" axis_ref="ngrnd"/>
17    <field id="npp" name="npp" long_name="Net Primary Production" unit="gC/m^2/s" axis_ref="nvm"/>
18    <field id="q_cdrag" name="cdrag" long_name="Drag coefficient for LE and SH" unit="?"/>
19    <field id="soilalb_vis" name="soilalb_vis" long_name="Soil Albedo visible" unit="1"/>
20    <field id="soilalb_nir" name="soilalb_nir" long_name="Soil Albedo near infrared" unit="1"/>
21    <field id="vegalb_vis" name="vegalb_vis" long_name="Vegetation Albedo visible" unit="1"/>
22    <field id="vegalb_nir" name="vegalb_nir" long_name="Vegetation Albedo near infrared" unit="1"/>
23    <field id="z0m" name="z0m" long_name="Surface roughness for momentum" unit="m"/>
24    <field id="z0h" name="z0h" long_name="Surface roughness for heat" unit="m"/>
25    <field id="albedo_vis" name="alb_vis" long_name="Albedo visible" unit="1"/>
26    <field id="albedo_nir" name="alb_nir" long_name="Albedo near infrared" unit="1"/>
27    <field id="albedo_glob" name="albedo_glob" long_name="Mean albedo" unit="1"> (albedo_vis + albedo_nir)*0.5 </field>
28    <field id="evap" name="evap" long_name="Evaporation" unit="mm/d"/>
29    <field id="coastalflow" name="coastalflow" long_name="Diffuse coastal flow" unit="m^3/s"/>
30    <field id="riverflow" name="riverflow" long_name="River flow to the oceans" unit="m^3/s"/>
31    <field id="tsol_rad" name="tsol_rad" long_name="Radiative surface temperature" unit="C"/>
32    <field id="vevapnu" name="vevapnu" long_name="Bare soil evaporation" unit="mm/d"/>
34    <field id="temp_sol_C" name="temp_sol" long_name="New Surface Temperature" unit="C"/>
35    <field id="temp_sol_K" name="AvgSurfT" long_name="Average surface temperature" unit="K"/>
36    <field id="tsol_max" name="tsol_max" field_ref="temp_sol_C" long_name="Maximum Surface Temperature" unit="C" operation="maximum"/>
37    <field id="tsol_min" name="tsol_min" field_ref="temp_sol_C" long_name="Minimum Surface Temperature" unit="C" operation="minimum"/>
38    <field id="temp_sol_Cloc" name="temp_sol_Cloc" field_ref="temp_sol_K" long_name="New Surface Temperature" unit="C"> temp_sol_K - 273.15  </field>
40    <field id="qsurf" name="qsurf" long_name="Near surface specific humidity" unit="g/g"/>
41    <field id="fluxsens" name="fluxsens" long_name="Sensible Heat Flux" unit="W/m^2"/>
42    <field id="fluxlat" name="fluxlat" long_name="Latent Heat Flux" unit="W/m^2"/>
43    <field id="emis" name="emis" long_name="Surface emissivity" unit="1"/>
44    <field id="rain" name="rain" long_name="Rainfall" unit="mm/d"/>
45    <field id="snowf" name="snowf" long_name="Snowfall" unit="mm/d"/>
46    <field id="netrad" name="netrad" long_name="Net radiation" unit="W/m^2"/>
47    <field id="lai" name="lai" long_name="Leaf Area Index" unit="1" axis_ref="nvm"/>
48    <field id="reinf_slope" name="reinf_slope" long_name="Slope index for each grid box" unit="1" operation="once"/>
49    <field id="soilindex" name="soilindex" long_name="Soil index" unit="1" operation="once"/>
50    <field id="basinmap" name="basinmap" long_name="Aproximate map of the river basins" operation="once"/>
51    <field id="nbrivers" name="nbrivers" long_name="Number or rivers in the outflow grid box" operation="once"/>
52    <field id="subli" name="subli" long_name="Sublimation" unit="mm/d"/>
53    <field id="runoff" name="runoff" long_name="Surface runoff" unit="mm/d"/>
54    <field id="drainage" name="drainage" long_name="Deep drainage" unit="mm/d"/>
55    <field id="riversret" name="riversret" long_name="Return from endorheic riversD" unit="mm/d"/>
56    <field id="hydrographs" name="hydrographs" long_name="Hydrographs of gridbox outflow" unit="m^3/s"/>
57    <field id="evapnu_soil" name="evapnu_soil" long_name="Bare soil evap for soil type" unit="mm/d" axis_ref="nstm"/>
58    <field id="drainage_soil" name="drainage_soil" long_name="Drainage for soil type" unit="mm/d" axis_ref="nstm"/>
59    <field id="transpir_soil" name="transpir_soil" long_name="Transpir for soil type" unit="mm/d" axis_ref="nstm"/>
60    <field id="runoff_soil" name="runoff_soil" long_name="Runoff for soil type" unit="mm/d" axis_ref="nstm"/>
61    <field id="tair" name="tair" long_name="Air Temperature" unit="K"/>
62    <field id="qair" name="qair" long_name="Air Humidity" unit="g/g"/>
63    <field id="q2m" name="q2m" long_name="2m Air Humidity" unit="g/g"/>
64    <field id="t2m" name="t2m" long_name="2m Air temperature" unit="K"/>
65    <field id="roughheight" name="roughheight" long_name="Effective roughness height" unit="m"/>
66    <field id="transpir" name="transpir" long_name="Transpiration" unit="mm/d" axis_ref="nvm"/>
67    <field id="inter" name="inter" long_name="Interception loss" unit="mm/d" axis_ref="nvm"/>
68    <field id="evapnu" name="evapnu" long_name="Bare soil evaporation" unit="mm/d"/>
69    <field id="snow" name="snow" long_name="Snow mass" unit="kg/m^2"/>
70    <field id="snowmelt" name="snowmelt" long_name="Snow melt" unit="kg/m^2"/>
71    <field id="tot_melt" name="tot_melt" long_name="Total melt from ice and snow" unit="kg/m^2"/>
72    <field id="snowmelt_from_maxmass" name="snowmelt_from_maxmass" long_name="Snow melt above threshold" unit="kg/m^2"/>
73    <field id="soilcap" name="soilcap" long_name="Surface heat capacity considering snow and soil surface" unit="J/m^2/K"/>
74    <field id="snowage" name="snowage" long_name="Snow age" unit="?"/>
75    <field id="snownobio" name="snownobio" long_name="Snow on other surfaces" unit="kg/m^2" axis_ref="nnobio"/>
76    <field id="snownobioage" name="snownobioage" long_name="Snow age on other surfaces" unit="d" axis_ref="nnobio"/>
77    <field id="vegetfrac" name="vegetfrac" long_name="Fraction of vegetation" unit="1" axis_ref="nvm"/>
78    <field id="maxvegetfrac" name="maxvegetfrac" long_name="Maximum fraction of vegetation" unit="1" axis_ref="nvm"/>
79    <field id="tot_bare_soil" name="tot_bare_soil" long_name="Total Bare Soil Fraction" unit="%"/>
80    <field id="nobiofrac" name="nobiofrac" long_name="Fraction of other surface types" unit="1" axis_ref="nnobio"/>
81    <field id="flood_frac" name="flood_frac" long_name="Flooded fraction" unit="1"/>
82    <field id="reinfiltration" name="reinfiltration" long_name="Reinfiltration from floodplains" unit="mm/d"/>
83    <field id="frac_bare" name="frac_bare" long_name="Bare soil fraction for each tile" unit="-" axis_ref="nvm"/>
84    <field id="soiltile" name="soiltile" long_name="Fraction of soil tiles" unit="%" axis_ref="nstm" operation="once"/>
85    <field id="dss" name="dss" long_name="Up-reservoir Height" unit="m" axis_ref="nvm"/>
86    <field id="gqsb" name="gqsb" long_name="Upper Soil Moisture" unit="Kg/m^2"/>
87    <field id="bqsb" name="bqsb" long_name="Lower Soil Moisture" unit="Kg/m^2"/>
88    <field id="humtot" name="humtot" long_name="Total soil Moisture" unit="Kg/m^2"/>
89    <field id="humtot_soil" name="humtot_soil" long_name="Soil Moisture for soil type" unit="Kg/m^2" axis_ref="nstm"/>
90    <field id="SWI" name="SWI" long_name="Soil wetness index" unit="-"/>
91    <field id="njsc" name="njsc" long_name="Soil class used for hydrology" unit="-" operation="once"/>
92    <field id="qsintveg" name="qsintveg" long_name="Water on canopy" unit="Kg/m^2" axis_ref="nvm"/>
93    <field id="rstruct" name="rstruct" long_name="Structural resistance" unit="s/m" axis_ref="nvm"/>
94    <field id="gpp" name="gpp" long_name="Net assimilation of carbon by the vegetation" unit="gC/m^2/s" axis_ref="nvm"/>
95    <field id="nee" name="nee" long_name="Net Ecosystem Exchange" unit="gC/m^2/s" axis_ref="nvm"/>
96    <field id="maint_resp" name="maint_resp" long_name="Maintenance respiration" unit="gC/m^2/s" axis_ref="nvm"/>
97    <field id="hetero_resp" name="hetero_resp" long_name="Heterotrophic respiration" unit="gC/m^2/s" axis_ref="nvm"/>
98    <field id="growth_resp" name="growth_resp" long_name="Growth respiration" unit="gC/m^2/s" axis_ref="nvm"/>
99    <field id="precisol" name="precisol" long_name="Throughfall" unit="mm/d" axis_ref="nvm"/>
100    <field id="drysoil_frac" name="drysoil_frac" long_name="Fraction of visibly dry soil" unit="1"/>
101    <field id="evapot" name="evapot" long_name="Potential evaporation" unit="mm/s"/>
102    <field id="evapot_corr" name="evapot_corr" long_name="Potential evaporation correction" unit="mm/s"/>
103    <field id="swnet" name="swnet" long_name="Net solar radiation" unit="W/m^2"/>
104    <field id="swdown" name="swdown" long_name="Incident solar radiation" unit="W/m^2"/>
105    <field id="lwdown" name="lwdown" long_name="Absorbed downward longwave radiation" unit="W/m^2"/>
106    <field id="lwnet" name="lwnet" long_name="Net surface longwave radiation" unit="W/m^2"/>
107    <field id="fastr" name="fastr" long_name="Fast flow reservoir" unit="kg/m^2"/>
108    <field id="slowr" name="slowr" long_name="Slow flow reservoir" unit="kg/m^2"/>
109    <field id="streamr" name="streamr" long_name="Stream flow reservoir" unit="kg/m^2"/>
110    <field id="lakevol" name="lakevol" long_name="Volume in lake reservoir" unit="kg/m^2"/>
111    <field id="pondr" name="pondr" long_name="Ponds reservoir" unit="kg/m^2"/>
112    <field id="delfastr" name="delfastr" long_name="Accumulated difference for current time step for fast flow reservoir" unit="kg/m^2" operation="accumulate"/>
113    <field id="delfastr_daily" field_ref="delfastr" name="delfastr_daily" long_name="Mean over difference in fast flow reservoir accumulated over each day" unit="kg/m^2/d" freq_op="1d" operation="average" > @delfastr </field>
114    <field id="delslowr" name="delslowr" long_name="Accumulated difference for current time step for slow flow reservoir" unit="kg/m^2" operation="accumulate" />
115    <field id="delslowr_daily" field_ref="delslowr" name="delslowr_daily" long_name="Mean over difference for slow flow reservoir accumulated over each day" unit="kg/m^2/d" freq_op="1d" operation="average" > @delslowr </field>
116    <field id="delstreamr" name="delstreamr" long_name="Accumulated difference for current time step for stream flow reservoir" unit="kg/m^2" operation="accumulate" />
117    <field id="delstreamr_daily" field_ref="delstreamr" name="delstreamr_daily" long_name="Mean over difference in stream flow reservoir accumulated each day" unit="kg/m^2/d" freq_op="1d" operation="average" > @delstreamr </field>
118    <field id="dellakevol" name="dellakevol" long_name="Accumulated difference for current time step for volume in lake reservoir" unit="kg/m^2" operation="accumulate"/>
119    <field id="dellakevol_daily" field_ref="dellakevol" name="dellakevol_daily" long_name="Mean over difference for volume in lake reservoir accumulated each day" unit="kg/m^2/d" freq_op="1d" operation="average" > @dellakevol </field>
121    <field id="delpondr" name="delpondr" long_name="Accumulated difference for current time step for ponds reservoir" unit="kg/m^2" operation="accumulate"/>
122    <field id="delpondr_daily" field_ref="delpondr"  name="delpondr_daily" long_name="Mean over difference for ponds reservoir accumulated over each day" unit="kg/m^2/d" freq_op="1d" operation="average" > @delpondr </field>
123    <field id="delfloodr" name="delfloodr" long_name="Accumulated difference for current time step for floodplains reservoir" unit="kg/m^2" operation="accumulate" />
124    <field id="delfloodr_daily" field_ref="delfloodr" name="delfloodr_daily" long_name="Mean over difference for floodplains reservoir accumulated over each day" unit="kg/m^2/d" freq_op="1d" operation="average" > @delfloodr </field>
125   <field id="swampmap" name="swampmap" long_name="Map of swamps" unit="m^2" operation="once"/>
126    <field id="irrigation" name="irrigation" long_name="Net irrigation" unit="mm/d"/>
127    <field id="netirrig" name="netirrig" long_name="Net irrigation requirement" unit="mm/d"/>
128    <field id="irrigmap" name="irrigmap" long_name="Map of irrigated surfaces" unit="m^2" operation="once"/>
129    <field id="floodmap" name="floodmap" long_name="Map of floodplains" unit="m^2" operation="once"/>
130    <field id="floodh" name="floodh" long_name="Floodplains height" unit="mm"/>
131    <field id="floodr" name="floodr" long_name="Floodplains reservoir" unit="kg/m^2"/>
132    <field id="floodout" name="floodout" long_name="Flow out of floodplains" unit="mm/d"/>
133    <field id="TotWater" name="TotWater" long_name="Total amount of water at end of time step" unit="mm/d"/>
134    <field id="TotWaterFlux" name="TotWater" long_name="Total water flux" unit="mm/d"/>
135    <field id="evapflo" name="evapflo" long_name="Floodplains evaporation" unit="mm/d"/>
136    <field id="k_litt" name="k_litt" long_name="Litter cond" unit="mm/d"/>
137    <field id="beta" name="beta" long_name="Beta Function" unit="1"/>
138    <field id="raero" name="raero" long_name="Aerodynamic resistance" unit="s/m"/>
139    <field id="wind" name="Wind" long_name="Wind speed" unit="m/s"/>
140    <field id="qsatt" name="qsatt" long_name="Surface saturated humidity" unit="g/g"/>
141    <field id="vbeta1" name="vbeta1" long_name="Beta for sublimation" unit="1"/>
142    <field id="vbeta4" name="vbeta4" long_name="Beta for bare soil" unit="1"/>
143    <field id="vbeta5" name="vbeta5" long_name="Beta for floodplains" unit="1"/>
144    <field id="gsmean" name="gsmean" long_name="beta for CO2" unit="mm/d" axis_ref="nvm"/>
145    <field id="humrel" name="humrel" long_name="Soil moisture stress" unit="-" axis_ref="nvm"/>
146    <field id="cimean" name="cimean" long_name="Stomatal CO2 concentation" unit="mmole/m2/s" axis_ref="nvm" enabled=".FALSE."/>
147    <field id="vbeta3" name="vbeta3" long_name="Beta for Transpiration" unit="mm/d" axis_ref="nvm"/>
148    <field id="rveget" name="rveget" long_name="Canopy resistance" unit="s/m" axis_ref="nvm"/>
149    <field id="rsol" name="rsol" long_name="Soil resistance" unit="s/m"/>
150    <field id="vbeta2" name="vbeta2" long_name="Beta for Interception loss" unit="mm/d" axis_ref="nvm"/>
151    <field id="qsintmax" name="qsintmax" long_name="Maximum Interception capacity" unit="Kg/m^2" axis_ref="nvm"/>
152    <field id="mrso" name="mrso" long_name="Total Soil Moisture Content" unit="kg m-2"/>
153    <field id="mrros" name="mrros" long_name="Surface Runoff" unit="kg m-2 s-1"/>
154    <field id="prveg" name="prveg" long_name="Precipitation onto Canopy" unit="kg m-2 s-1"/>
155    <field id="evspsblveg" name="evspsblveg" long_name="Evaporation from Canopy" unit="kg m-2 s-1"/>
156    <field id="evspsblsoi" name="evspsblsoi" long_name="Water Evaporation from Soil" unit="kg m-2 s-1"/>
157    <field id="tran" name="tran" long_name="Transpiration" unit="kg m-2 s-1"/>
158    <field id="treeFrac" name="treeFrac" long_name="Tree Cover Fraction" unit="%"/>
159    <field id="grassFrac" name="grassFrac" long_name="Natural Grass Fraction" unit="%"/>
160    <field id="cropFrac" name="cropFrac" long_name="Crop Fraction" unit="%"/>
161    <field id="baresoilFrac" name="baresoilFrac" long_name="Bare Soil Fraction" unit="%"/>
162    <field id="residualFrac" name="residualFrac" long_name="Fraction of Grid Cell that is Land but Neither Vegetation-Covered nor Bare Soil" unit="%"/>
163    <field id="PAR" name="PAR" long_name="Photosynthetic active radiation, half of swdown" unit="umol phot/m^2/s"/>
164    <field id="PARsun" name="PARsun" long_name="PAR received by sun leaves" unit="umol phot/m^2/s" axis_ref="nvm"/>
165    <field id="PARsh" name="PARsh" long_name="PAR received by shaded leaves" unit="umol phot/m^2/s" axis_ref="nvm"/>
166    <field id="laisun" name="laisun" long_name="Sunlit Leaf Area Index" unit="1" axis_ref="nvm"/>
167    <field id="laish" name="laish" long_name="Shaded Leaf Area Index" unit="1" axis_ref="nvm"/>
168    <field id="PARsuntab" name="PARsuntab" long_name="PAR received by sun leaves over LAI layers" unit="umol phot/m^2/s" axis_ref="nlaip1"/>
169    <field id="PARshtab" name="PARshtab" long_name="PAR received by shaded leaves over LAI layers" unit="umol phot/m^2/s" axis_ref="nlaip1"/>
170    <field id="coszang" name="coszang" long_name="Cosine of the solar zenith angle" unit="1"/>
171    <field id="PARdf" name="PARdf" long_name="Diffuse photosynthetic active radiation" unit="umol phot/m^2/s"/>
172    <field id="PARdr" name="PARdr" long_name="Direct photosynthetic active radiation" unit="umol phot/m^2/s"/>
173    <field id="CRF" name="CRF" long_name="Canopy reduction factor for net NO flux calculation" unit="1" axis_ref="nvm" />
174    <field id="flx_co2_bbg_year" name="flx_co2_bbg_year" long_name="CO2 emissions from biomass burning - Read in an input file" unit="kgC/m^2/yr" operation="once"/>
175    <field id="N_qt_WRICE_year" name="N_qt_WRICE_year" long_name="N fertilizers applied on wetland rice - Read in an input file" unit="kgN/yr" operation="once"/>
176    <field id="N_qt_OTHER_year" name="N_qt_OTHER_year" long_name="N fertilizers applied on other crops and grasses - Read in an input file" unit="kgN/yr" operation="once"/>
177    <field id="flx_iso" name="flx_iso" long_name="Isoprene emissions from vegetation" unit="kgC/m^2/s" axis_ref="nvm"/>
178    <field id="flx_mono" name="flx_mono" long_name="Monoterpene emissions from vegetation" unit="kgC/m^2/s" axis_ref="nvm"/>
179    <field id="flx_ORVOC" name="flx_ORVOC" long_name="Other Volatile Organic Compound emissions from vegetation" unit="kgC/m^2/s" axis_ref="nvm"/>
180    <field id="flx_MBO" name="flx_MBO" long_name="2-methyl-3-buten-2-ol emissions from vegetation (mainly pines in America)" unit="kgC/m^2/s" axis_ref="nvm"/>
181    <field id="flx_methanol" name="flx_methanol" long_name="Methanol emissions from vegetation" unit="kgC/m^2/s" axis_ref="nvm"/>
182    <field id="flx_acetone" name="flx_acetone" long_name="Acetone emissions from vegetation" unit="kgC/m^2/s" axis_ref="nvm"/>
183    <field id="flx_acetal" name="flx_acetal" long_name="Acetaldehyde emissions from vegetation" unit="kgC/m^2/s" axis_ref="nvm"/>
184    <field id="flx_formal" name="flx_formal" long_name="Formaldehyde emissions from vegetation" unit="kgC/m^2/s" axis_ref="nvm"/>
185    <field id="flx_acetic" name="flx_acetic" long_name="Acetic acid emissions from vegetation" unit="kgC/m^2/s" axis_ref="nvm"/>
186    <field id="flx_formic" name="flx_formic" long_name="Formic acid emissions from vegetation" unit="kgC/m^2/s" axis_ref="nvm"/>
187    <field id="flx_apinen" name="flx_apinen" long_name="Alpha pinene emissions from vegetation" unit="kgC/m^2/s" axis_ref="nvm" />
188    <field id="flx_bpinen" name="flx_bpinen" long_name="Beta pinene emissions from vegetation" unit="kgC/m^2/s" axis_ref="nvm" />
189    <field id="flx_limonen" name="flx_limonen" long_name="Limonene emissions from vegetation" unit="kgC/m^2/s" axis_ref="nvm" />
190    <field id="flx_myrcen" name="flx_myrcen" long_name="Myrcene emissions from vegetation" unit="kgC/m^2/s" axis_ref="nvm" />
191    <field id="flx_sabinen" name="flx_sabinen" long_name="Sabinene emissions from vegetation" unit="kgC/m^2/s" axis_ref="nvm" />
192    <field id="flx_camphen" name="flx_camphen" long_name="Camphene emissions from vegetation" unit="kgC/m^2/s" axis_ref="nvm" />
193    <field id="flx_3caren" name="flx_3caren" long_name="3-Carene emissions from vegetation" unit="kgC/m^2/s" axis_ref="nvm" />
194    <field id="flx_tbocimen" name="flx_tbocimen" long_name="T-beta Ocimene emissions from vegetation" unit="kgC/m^2/s" axis_ref="nvm" />
195    <field id="flx_othermono" name="flx_othermono" long_name="Emissions of other monoterpenes from vegetation" unit="kgC/m^2/s" axis_ref="nvm" />
196    <field id="flx_sesquiter" name="flx_sesquiter" long_name="Sesquiterpene emissions from vegetation" unit="kgC/m^2/s" axis_ref="nvm" />
197    <field id="flx_fertil_no" name="flx_fertil_no" long_name="Biogenic nitrogen oxide soil emission due to N-fertilisation" unit="ngN/m^2/s" axis_ref="nvm"/>
198    <field id="flx_no_soil" name="flx_no_soil" long_name="Nitrogen Oxide emissions from soil, before deposition on canopy" unit="ngN/m^2/s" axis_ref="nvm"/>
199    <field id="flx_no" name="flx_no" long_name="Net nitrogen Oxide emissions from soil, after deposition on canopy" unit="ngN/m^2/s" axis_ref="nvm"/>
200    <field id="fco2" name="fco2" long_name="Function for CO2 impact on BVOC (isoprene)" unit="1" axis_ref="nvm" />
201    <field id="cim" name="cim" long_name="Intercellular CO2 over nlai" unit="ppm" axis_ref="nvm" />
202    <field id="Psurf" name="Psurf" long_name="Surface pressure" unit="Pa"/>
203    <field id="Qb" name="Qb" long_name="Slowflow hydrographs of gridbox outflow" unit="m^3/s"/> 
204    <field id="CanopInt" name="CanopInt" long_name="Water on canopy" unit="Kg/m^2"/> 
205    <field id="LAImean" name="LAImean" long_name="Mean Leaf Area Index" unit="-"/>
206    <field id="SoilSat" name="SoilSat" long_name="Mean volumetric water content at saturation" unit="m^3/m^3" axis_ref="nslm" operation="once"/>   
207    <field id="RootDist" name="RootDist" long_name="Cumulative root density" unit="-"  axis_ref="nslm" operation="once"/>   
208    <field id="SoilThick" name="SoilThick" long_name="Hydrological soil layer thickness" unit="m"  axis_ref="nslm" operation="once"/>   
209    <field id="water2infilt" name="water2infilt" long_name="Variable water2infilt in hydrol" unit="Kg/m^2" axis_ref="nstm"/> 
210    <field id="pkappa" name="pkappa" long_name="Soil thermal conductivity" unit="W/m/K" axis_ref="ngrnd"/> 
211    <field id="pkappa_snow" name="pkappa_snow" long_name="Snow thermal conductivity" unit="W/m/K" axis_ref="nsnow"/> 
212    <field id="pcapa" name="pcapa" long_name="Soil heat capacity" unit="J/m^3/K" axis_ref="ngrnd"/> 
213    <field id="pcapa_snow" name="pcapa_snow" long_name="Snow heat capacity" unit="J/m^3/K" axis_ref="nsnow"/> 
214    <field id="snowtemp" name="snowtemp" long_name="snow temperature" unit="K" axis_ref="nsnow" enabled=".false." /> 
215    <field id="snowliq" name="snowliq" long_name="Snow liquid content" unit="m" axis_ref="nsnow"/> 
216    <field id="snowdz" name="snowdz" long_name="Snow layer thickness" unit="m" axis_ref="nsnow"/> 
217    <field id="snowrho" name="snowrho" long_name="Snow denisty" unit="Kg/m^3" axis_ref="nsnow"/> 
218    <field id="snowheat" name="snowheat" long_name="Snow heat content" unit="J/m^2" axis_ref="nsnow"/> 
219    <field id="snowgrain" name="snowgrain" long_name="Snow grain size" unit="m" axis_ref="nsnow"/> 
221    <!-- ALMA -->
222    <field id="twbr" name="TWBR" long_name="Total water budget residu" unit="Kg/m^2/s"/>
223    <field id="soilflx" name="Qg" long_name="Ground heat flux" unit="W/m^2"/>
224    <field id="Qf" name="Qf" long_name="Energy of fusion" unit="W/m^2"/>
225    <field id="Qv" name="Qv" long_name="Energy of sublimation" unit="W/m^2"/>
226    <field id="surfheat_incr" name="DelSurfHeat" long_name="Accumulated change in surface layer heat" unit="J/m^2" operation="accumulate"/>
227    <field id="coldcont_incr" name="DelColdCont" long_name="Accumulated change in snow surface layer cold content" unit="J/m^2" operation="accumulate"/>
228    <field id="snowf_alma" name="Snowf" long_name="Snowfall rate" unit="kg/m^2/s"/>
229    <field id="rain_alma" name="Rainf" long_name="Rainfall rate" unit="kg/m^2/s"/>
230    <field id="evap_alma" name="evap_alma" long_name="Total Evapotranspiration" unit="kg/m^2/s"/>
231    <field id="Qs" name="Qs" long_name="Surface runoff" unit="kg/m^2/s"/>
232    <field id="Qsb" name="Qsb" long_name="Sub-surface runoff" unit="kg/m^2/s"/>
233    <field id="Qsm" name="Qsm" long_name="Snowmelt" unit="kg/m^2/s"/>
234    <field id="dr_corrnum" name="Qsb_corrnum" long_name="Adjustement flux added to drainage (numerical errors in tridiag)" unit="kg/m^2/s"/>
235    <field id="DelSoilMoist" name="DelSoilMoist" long_name="Accumulated change in soil moisture" unit="kg/m^2" operation="accumulate"/>
236    <field id="DelSoilMoist_daily" field_ref="DelSoilMoist"  name="DelSoilMoist_daily" long_name="Mean for change in soil moisture acumulated over each day." unit="kg/m^2/d" freq_op="1d" operation="average" > @DelSoilMoist </field>
238    <field id="DelSurfStor" name="DelSurfStor" long_name="Accumulated change in Surface Water Storage" unit="kg/m^2" operation="accumulate"/>
239    <field id="DelIntercept" name="DelIntercept" long_name="Accumulated hange in interception storage" unit="kg/m^2" operation="accumulate"/>
240    <field id="DelIntercept_daily" field_ref="DelIntercept" name="DelIntercept_daily" long_name="Mean for change in interception storage accumulated over each day" unit="kg/m^2/d" freq_op="1d" operation="average" > @DelIntercept </field>
242    <field id="DelSWE" name="DelSWE" long_name="Accumulated change in Snow Water Equivalent" unit="kg/m^2" operation="accumulate"/>
243    <field id="DelSWE_daily" field_ref="DelSWE" name="DelSWE_daily" long_name="Mean for change in Snow Water Equivalent accumulated over each day" unit="kg/m^2/d" freq_op="1d" operation="average" > @DelSWE </field>
244    <field id="irrigation_alma" name="Qirrig" long_name="Irrigation" unit="kg/m^2/s"/>
245    <field id="netirrig_alma" name="Qirrig_req" long_name="Irrigation requirement" unit="kg/m^2/s"/>
246    <field id="PotSurfT" name="PotSurfT" long_name="Potential (Unstressed) surface temperature" unit="K"/>
247    <field id="SurfStor" name="SurfStor" long_name="Surface Water Storage" unit="kg/m^2"/>
248    <field id="SoilMoist" name="SoilMoist" long_name="3D average layer soil moisture" unit="kg/m^2" axis_ref="nslm"/>
249    <field id="RootMoist" name="RootMoist" long_name="Root zone soil water" unit="kg/m^2"/>
250    <field id="SoilWet" name="SoilWet" long_name="Total soil wetness" unit="-"/>
251    <field id="ECanop" name="ECanop" long_name="Interception evaporation" unit="kg/m^2/s"/>
252    <field id="TVeg" name="TVeg" long_name="Transpiration" unit="kg/m^2/s"/>
253    <field id="vevapnu_alma" name="ESoil" long_name="Bare soil evaporation" unit="kg/m^2/s"/>
254    <field id="evapflo_alma" name="EWater" long_name="Floodplains evaporation" unit="kg/m^2/s"/>
255    <field id="SubSnow" name="SubSnow" long_name="Snow sublimation" unit="kg/m^2/s"/>
256    <field id="ACond" name="ACond" long_name="Aerodynamic conductance" unit="m/s"/>
257    <field id="albedo_snow" name="SAlbedo" long_name="Snow albedo" unit="1"/>
258    <field id="SnowDepth" name="SnowDepth" long_name="3D snow depth" unit="m"/>
259    <field id="moistc_1" name="moistc_1" long_name="Soil Moisture profile for soil type 1" unit="m3/m3" axis_ref="nslm"/>
260    <field id="moistc_2" name="moistc_2" long_name="Soil Moisture profile for soil type 2" unit="m3/m3" axis_ref="nslm"/>
261    <field id="moistc_3" name="moistc_3" long_name="Soil Moisture profile for soil type 3" unit="m3/m3" axis_ref="nslm"/>
262    <field id="kfactroot_1" name="kfactroot_1" long_name="Root fraction profile for soil type 1" unit="%" axis_ref="nslm"/>
263    <field id="kfactroot_2" name="kfactroot_2" long_name="Root fraction profile for soil type 2" unit="%" axis_ref="nslm"/>
264    <field id="kfactroot_3" name="kfactroot_3" long_name="Root fraction profile for soil type 3" unit="%" axis_ref="nslm"/>
265    <field id="vegetsoil_1" name="vegetsoil_1" long_name="Fraction of vegetation on soil type 1" unit="%" axis_ref="nvm"/>
266    <field id="vegetsoil_2" name="vegetsoil_2" long_name="Fraction of vegetation on soil type 2" unit="%" axis_ref="nvm"/>
267    <field id="vegetsoil_3" name="vegetsoil_3" long_name="Fraction of vegetation on soil type 3" unit="%" axis_ref="nvm"/>
268    <field id="temp_hydro" name="temp_hydro" long_name="Temperature profile on hydrological levels" unit="K" axis_ref="nslm"/>
269    <field id="kk_moy" name="kk_moy" long_name="Mean hydraulic conductivity over soiltiles" unit="mm/d" axis_ref="nslm"/>
270    <field id="profil_froz_hydro" name="profil_froz_hydro" long_name="Frozen fraction for each hydrological soil layer average over soil types" unit="1" axis_ref="nslm"/>
271    <field id="profil_froz_hydro_1" name="profil_froz_hydro_1" long_name="Frozen fraction for each hydrological soil layer on soil type 1" unit="1" axis_ref="nslm"/>
272    <field id="profil_froz_hydro_2" name="profil_froz_hydro_2" long_name="Frozen fraction for each hydrological soil layer on soil type 2" unit="1" axis_ref="nslm"/>
273    <field id="profil_froz_hydro_3" name="profil_froz_hydro_3" long_name="Frozen fraction for each hydrological soil layer on soil type 3" unit="1" axis_ref="nslm"/>
275  </field_group>
278  <!-- Definition of all variables in stomate -->
279  <field_group id="stomate">
280    <field id="T2M_MONTH" name="T2M_MONTH" long_name="Monthly 2 m temperature" unit="K"/>
281    <field id="T2M_WEEK" name="T2M_WEEK" long_name="Weekly 2 m temperature" unit="K"/>
282    <field id="TSEASON" name="TSEASON" long_name="Seasonal 2 m temperature" unit="K"/>
283    <field id="TMIN_SPRING_TIME" name="TMIN_SPRING_TIME" long_name="Number of days after onset" unit="-" axis_ref="nvm"/>
284    <field id="ONSET_DATE" name="ONSET_DATE" long_name="The day in the year when leaves start to grow" unit="days" axis_ref="nvm"/>
285    <field id="FPC_MAX" name="FPC_MAX" long_name="Foliage projective cover" unit="-" axis_ref="nvm"/>
286    <field id="MAXFPC_LASTYEAR" name="MAXFPC_LASTYEAR" long_name="Foliage projective cover of last year" unit="-" axis_ref="nvm"/>
287    <field id="HET_RESP" name="HET_RESP" long_name="heterotr. resp. from ground" unit="gC/m^2 tot/pft/day" axis_ref="nvm"/>
288    <field id="FIREFRAC" name="FIREFRAC" long_name="Fire fraction on ground " unit="1/day" axis_ref="nvm"/>
289    <field id="CO2FLUX" name="CO2FLUX" long_name="CO2 flux " unit="gC/m^2/pft/mth" axis_ref="nvm"/>
290    <field id="CO2_FIRE" name="CO2_FIRE" long_name="Output CO2 flux from fire " unit="gC/day/m^2/pft" axis_ref="nvm"/>
291    <field id="CO2_TAKEN" name="CO2_TAKEN" long_name="CO2 taken from atmosphere for initiate growth " unit="gC/day/m^2/pft" axis_ref="nvm"/>
292    <field id="LAI" name="LAI" long_name="Leaf Area Index " unit="-" axis_ref="nvm"/>
293    <field id="VEGET_MAX" name="VEGET_MAX" long_name="Maximum vegetation fraction (LAI -&gt; infinity) " unit="-" axis_ref="nvm"/>
294    <field id="NPP_STOMATE" name="NPP" long_name="Net primary productivity " unit="gC/day/(m^2 tot)" axis_ref="nvm"/>
295    <field id="GPP" name="GPP" long_name="Gross primary productivity " unit="gC/day/m^2" axis_ref="nvm"/>
296    <field id="LEAF_M" name="LEAF_M" long_name="Leaf mass" unit="gC/m^2 " axis_ref="nvm"/>
297    <field id="SAP_M_AB" name="SAP_M_AB" long_name="Sap mass above ground" unit="gC/m^2" axis_ref="nvm"/>
298    <field id="SAP_M_BE" name="SAP_M_BE" long_name="Sap mass below ground" unit="gC/m^2" axis_ref="nvm"/>
299    <field id="HEART_M_AB" name="HEART_M_AB" long_name="Heartwood mass above ground" unit="gC/m^2" axis_ref="nvm"/>
300    <field id="HEART_M_BE" name="HEART_M_BE" long_name="Heartwood mass below ground" unit="gC/m^2" axis_ref="nvm"/>
301    <field id="ROOT_M" name="ROOT_M" long_name="Root mass" unit="gC/m^2" axis_ref="nvm"/>
302    <field id="FRUIT_M" name="FRUIT_M" long_name="Fruit mass" unit="gC/m^2" axis_ref="nvm"/>
303    <field id="RESERVE_M" name="RESERVE_M" long_name="Carbohydrate reserve mass" unit="gC/m^2" axis_ref="nvm"/>
304    <field id="MAINT_RESP" name="MAINT_RESP" long_name="Maintenance respiration" unit="gC/m^2/day" axis_ref="nvm"/>
305    <field id="GROWTH_RESP" name="GROWTH_RESP" long_name="Growth respiration" unit="gC/m^2/day" axis_ref="nvm"/>
306    <field id="IND" name="IND" long_name="Density of individuals" unit="1/ m^2" axis_ref="nvm"/>
307    <field id="ADAPTATION" name="ADAPTATION" long_name="Adaptation to climate (DGVM)" unit="-" axis_ref="nvm"/>
308    <field id="REGENERATION" name="REGENERATION" long_name="Probability from regenerative (DGVM)" unit="-" axis_ref="nvm"/>
309    <field id="CN_IND" name="CN_IND" long_name="crown area of individuals" unit="m^2" axis_ref="nvm"/>
310    <field id="WOODMASS_IND" name="WOODMASS_IND" long_name="Woodmass of individuals" unit="gC/pft" axis_ref="nvm"/>
311    <field id="TOTAL_M" name="TOTAL_M" long_name="Total living biomass" unit="gC/m^2/pft" axis_ref="nvm"/>
312    <field id="MOISTRESS" name="MOISTRESS" long_name="weekly moisture stress" unit="-" axis_ref="nvm"/>
313    <field id="TOTAL_TURN" name="TOTAL_TURN" long_name="total turnover rate" unit="gC/m^2/day " axis_ref="nvm"/>
314    <field id="LEAF_TURN" name="LEAF_TURN" long_name="Leaf turnover" unit="gC/m^2/day " axis_ref="nvm"/>
315    <field id="SAP_AB_TURN" name="SAP_AB_TURN" long_name="Sap turnover above" unit="gC/m^2/day " axis_ref="nvm"/>
316    <field id="ROOT_TURN" name="ROOT_TURN" long_name="Root turnover" unit="gC/m^2/day " axis_ref="nvm"/>
317    <field id="FRUIT_TURN" name="FRUIT_TURN" long_name="Fruit turnover" unit="gC/m^2/day" axis_ref="nvm"/>
318    <field id="TOTAL_BM_LITTER" name="TOTAL_BM_LITTER" long_name="total conversion of biomass to litter" unit="gC/m^2/day" axis_ref="nvm"/>
319    <field id="LEAF_BM_LITTER" name="LEAF_BM_LITTER" long_name="Leaf death" unit="gC/m^2/day" axis_ref="nvm"/>
320    <field id="SAP_AB_BM_LITTER" name="SAP_AB_BM_LITTER" long_name="Sap death above ground" unit="gC/m^2/day" axis_ref="nvm"/>
321    <field id="SAP_BE_BM_LITTER" name="SAP_BE_BM_LITTER" long_name="Sap death below ground" unit="gC/m^2/day" axis_ref="nvm"/>
322    <field id="HEART_AB_BM_LITTER" name="HEART_AB_BM_LITTER" long_name="Heartwood death above ground" unit="gC/m^2/day" axis_ref="nvm"/>
323    <field id="HEART_BE_BM_LITTER" name="HEART_BE_BM_LITTER" long_name="Heartwood death below ground" unit="gC/m^2/day" axis_ref="nvm"/>
324    <field id="ROOT_BM_LITTER" name="ROOT_BM_LITTER" long_name="Root death" unit="gC/m^2/day" axis_ref="nvm"/>
325    <field id="FRUIT_BM_LITTER" name="FRUIT_BM_LITTER" long_name="Fruit death" unit="gC/m^2/day" axis_ref="nvm"/>
326    <field id="RESERVE_BM_LITTER" name="RESERVE_BM_LITTER" long_name="Carbohydrate reserve death" unit="gC/m^2/day" axis_ref="nvm"/>
327    <field id="LITTER_STR_AB" name="LITTER_STR_AB" long_name="structural litter above ground" unit="gC/m^2/pft" axis_ref="nvm"/>
328    <field id="LITTER_MET_AB" name="LITTER_MET_AB" long_name="metabolic litter above ground" unit="gC/m^2/pft" axis_ref="nvm"/>
329    <field id="LITTER_STR_BE" name="LITTER_STR_BE" long_name="structural litter below ground" unit="gC/m^2/pft" axis_ref="nvm"/>
330    <field id="LITTER_MET_BE" name="LITTER_MET_BE" long_name="metabolic litter below ground" unit="gC/m^2/pft" axis_ref="nvm"/>
331    <field id="DEADLEAF_COVER" name="DEADLEAF_COVER" long_name="fraction of soil covered by dead leaves" unit="-"/>
332    <field id="TOTAL_SOIL_CARB" name="TOTAL_SOIL_CARB" long_name="total soil and litter carbon" unit="gC/m^2" axis_ref="nvm"/>
333    <field id="CARBON_ACTIVE" name="CARBON_ACTIVE" long_name="active soil carbon in ground " unit="gC/m^2/pft" axis_ref="nvm"/>
334    <field id="CARBON_SLOW" name="CARBON_SLOW" long_name="slow soil carbon in ground" unit="gC/m^2/pft" axis_ref="nvm"/>
335    <field id="CARBON_PASSIVE" name="CARBON_PASSIVE" long_name="passive soil carbon in ground" unit="gC/m^2/pft" axis_ref="nvm"/>
336    <field id="LITTERHUM" name="LITTERHUM" long_name="Litter humidity" unit="-"/>
337    <field id="BM_ALLOC_LEAF" name="BM_ALLOC_LEAF" long_name="biomass allocated to leaves" unit="gC/m**2/pft/dt" axis_ref="nvm"/>
338    <field id="BM_ALLOC_SAP_AB" name="BM_ALLOC_SAP_AB" long_name="biomass allocated to sapwood above ground" unit="gC/m**2/pft/dt" axis_ref="nvm"/>
339    <field id="BM_ALLOC_SAP_BE" name="BM_ALLOC_SAP_BE" long_name="biomass allocated to sapwood below ground" unit="gC/m**2/pft/dt" axis_ref="nvm"/>
340    <field id="BM_ALLOC_ROOT" name="BM_ALLOC_ROOT" long_name="biomass allocated to roots" unit="gC/m**2/pft/dt" axis_ref="nvm"/>
341    <field id="BM_ALLOC_FRUIT" name="BM_ALLOC_FRUIT" long_name="biomass allocated to fruits" unit="gC/m**2/pft/dt" axis_ref="nvm"/>
342    <field id="BM_ALLOC_RES" name="BM_ALLOC_RES" long_name="biomass allocated to carbohydrate reserve" unit="gC/m**2/pft/dt" axis_ref="nvm"/>
343    <field id="HERBIVORES" name="HERBIVORES" long_name="time constant of herbivore activity" unit="days" axis_ref="nvm"/>
344    <field id="TURNOVER_TIME" name="TURNOVER_TIME" long_name="turnover time for grass leaves" unit="days" axis_ref="nvm"/>
345    <field id="PROD10" name="PROD10" long_name="10 year wood product pool" unit="gC/m**2" axis_ref="P11"/>
346    <field id="FLUX10" name="FLUX10" long_name="annual flux for each 10 year wood product pool" unit="gC/m**2/yr" axis_ref="P10"/>
347    <field id="PROD100" name="PROD100" long_name="100 year wood product pool" unit="gC/m**2" axis_ref="P101"/>
348    <field id="FLUX100" name="FLUX100" long_name="annual flux for each 100 year wood product pool" unit="gC/m**2/yr" axis_ref="P100"/>
349    <field id="CONVFLUX" name="CONVFLUX" long_name="annual release right after deforestation" unit="gC/m**2/day"/>
350    <field id="CFLUX_PROD10" name="CFLUX_PROD10" long_name="annual release from all 10 year wood product pools" unit="gC/m**2/day"/>
351    <field id="CFLUX_PROD100" name="CFLUX_PROD100" long_name="annual release from all 100 year wood product pools" unit="gC/m**2/day"/>
352    <field id="HARVEST_ABOVE" name="HARVEST_ABOVE" long_name="annual release product after harvest" unit="gC/m**2/day"/>
353    <field id="RESOLUTION_X" name="RESOLUTION_X" long_name="E-W resolution" unit="m" operation="once"/>
354    <field id="RESOLUTION_Y" name="RESOLUTION_Y" long_name="N-S resolution" unit="m" operation="once"/>
355    <field id="CONTFRAC_STOMATE" name="CONTFRAC" long_name="Continental fraction" unit="1" operation="once"/>
356    <field id="VCMAX" name="VCMAX" long_name="Maximum rate of carboxylation" unit="-" axis_ref="nvm"/>
357    <field id="LEAF_AGE" name="LEAF_AGE" long_name="leaf age" unit="days" axis_ref="nvm"/>
358    <field id="MORTALITY" name="MORTALITY" long_name="Fraction of trees that dies (gap)" unit="1/day" axis_ref="nvm"/>
359    <field id="FIREDEATH" name="FIREDEATH" long_name="Fraction of plants killed by fire" unit="1/day" axis_ref="nvm"/>
360    <field id="IND_ESTAB" name="IND_ESTAB" long_name="Density of newly established saplings" unit="ind/m**2/day" axis_ref="nvm"/>
361    <field id="ESTABTREE" name="ESTABTREE" long_name="Rate of tree establishement" unit="1"/>
362    <field id="ESTABGRASS" name="ESTABGRASS" long_name="Rate of grass establishement" unit="1"/>
363    <field id="LIGHT_DEATH" name="LIGHT_DEATH" long_name="Fraction of plants that dies (light competition)" unit="1/day" axis_ref="nvm"/>
364    <field id="AGE" name="AGE" long_name="age" unit="years" axis_ref="nvm"/>
365    <field id="HEIGHT" name="HEIGHT" long_name="height" unit="m" axis_ref="nvm"/>
366    <field id="WHEN_GROWTHINIT" name="WHEN_GROWTHINIT" long_name="Time elapsed from season beginning" unit="d" axis_ref="nvm"/>
367    <field id="PFTPRESENT" name="PFTPRESENT" long_name="PFT exists" unit="d" axis_ref="nvm"/>
368    <field id="GDD_MIDWINTER" name="GDD_MIDWINTER" long_name="Growing degree days, since midwinter" unit="degK" axis_ref="nvm"/>
369    <field id="GDD_M5_DORMANCE" name="GDD_M5_DORMANCE" long_name="Growing degree days threshold" unit="degK" axis_ref="nvm"/>
370    <field id="NCD_DORMANCE" name="NCD_DORMANCE" long_name="Number of chilling days, since leaves were lost" unit="d" axis_ref="nvm"/>
371    <field id="ALLOW_INITPHENO" name="ALLOW_INITPHENO" long_name="Allow to declare beginning of the growing season" unit="-" axis_ref="nvm"/>
372    <field id="BEGIN_LEAVES" name="BEGIN_LEAVES" long_name="Signal to start putting leaves on" unit="-" axis_ref="nvm"/>
373    <field id="T2M_LONGTERM" name="T2M_LONGTERM" long_name="Longterm 2 m temperature" unit="K"/>
374    <field id="FIREINDEX" name="FIREINDEX" long_name="Fire index on ground" unit="-" axis_ref="nvm"/>
375    <field id="cVeg" name="cVeg" long_name="Carbon in Vegetation" unit="kg C m-2"/>
376    <field id="cLitter" name="cLitter" long_name="Carbon in Litter Pool" unit="kg C m-2"/>
377    <field id="cSoil" name="cSoil" long_name="Carbon in Soil Pool" unit="kg C m-2"/>
378    <field id="cProduct" name="cProduct" long_name="Carbon in Products of Land Use Change" unit="kg C m-2"/>
379    <field id="cMassVariation" name="cMassVariation" long_name="Terrestrial Carbon Mass Variation" unit="kg C m-2 s-1"/>
380    <field id="lai_ipcc" name="lai" long_name="Leaf Area Fraction" unit="1"/>
381    <field id="gpp_ipcc" name="gpp" long_name="Gross Primary Production" unit="kg C m-2 s-1"/>
382    <field id="ra" name="ra" long_name="Autotrophic Respiration" unit="kg C m-2 s-1"/>
383    <field id="npp_ipcc" name="npp" long_name="Net Primary Production" unit="kg C m-2 s-1"/>
384    <field id="rh" name="rh" long_name="Heterotrophic Respiration" unit="kg C m-2 s-1"/>
385    <field id="fFire" name="fFire" long_name="CO2 Emission from Fire" unit="kg C m-2 s-1"/>
386    <field id="fHarvest" name="fHarvest" long_name="CO2 Flux to Atmosphere from Crop Harvesting" unit="kg C m-2 s-1"/>
387    <field id="fLuc" name="fLuc" long_name="CO2 Flux to Atmosphere from Land Use Change" unit="kg C m-2 s-1"/>
388    <field id="nbp" name="nbp" long_name="Net Biospheric Production" unit="kg C m-2 s-1"/>
389    <field id="fVegLitter" name="fVegLitter" long_name="Total Carbon Flux from Vegetation to Litter" unit="kg C m-2 s-1"/>
390    <field id="fLitterSoil" name="fLitterSoil" long_name="Total Carbon Flux from Litter to Soil" unit="kg C m-2 s-1"/>
391    <field id="cLeaf" name="cLeaf" long_name="Carbon in Leaves" unit="kg C m-2"/>
392    <field id="cWood" name="cWood" long_name="Carbon in Wood" unit="kg C m-2"/>
393    <field id="cRoot" name="cRoot" long_name="Carbon in Roots" unit="kg C m-2"/>
394    <field id="cMisc" name="cMisc" long_name="Carbon in Other Living Compartments" unit="kg C m-2"/>
395    <field id="cLitterAbove" name="cLitterAbove" long_name="Carbon in Above-Ground Litter" unit="kg C m-2"/>
396    <field id="cLitterBelow" name="cLitterBelow" long_name="Carbon in Below-Ground Litter" unit="kg C m-2"/>
397    <field id="cSoilFast" name="cSoilFast" long_name="Carbon in Fast Soil Pool" unit="kg C m-2"/>
398    <field id="cSoilMedium" name="cSoilMedium" long_name="Carbon in Medium Soil Pool" unit="kg C m-2"/>
399    <field id="cSoilSlow" name="cSoilSlow" long_name="Carbon in Slow Soil Pool" unit="kg C m-2"/>
400    <field id="landCoverFrac" name="landCoverFrac" long_name="Fractional Land Cover of PFT" unit="%" axis_ref="nvm"/>
401    <field id="treeFracPrimDec" name="treeFracPrimDec" long_name="Total Primary Deciduous Tree Cover Fraction" unit="%"/>
402    <field id="treeFracPrimEver" name="treeFracPrimEver" long_name="Total Primary Evergreen Tree Cover Fraction" unit="%"/>
403    <field id="c3PftFrac" name="c3PftFrac" long_name="Total C3 PFT Cover Fraction" unit="%"/>
404    <field id="c4PftFrac" name="c4PftFrac" long_name="Total C4 PFT Cover Fraction" unit="%"/>
405    <field id="rGrowth" name="rGrowth" long_name="Growth Autotrophic Respiration" unit="kg C m-2 s-1"/>
406    <field id="rMaint" name="rMaint" long_name="Maintenance Autotrophic Respiration" unit="kg C m-2 s-1"/>
407    <field id="nppLeaf" name="nppLeaf" long_name="CO2 Flux from Atmosphere due to NPP Allocation to Leaf" unit="kg C m-2 s-1"/>
408    <field id="nppWood" name="nppWood" long_name="CO2 Flux from Atmosphere due to NPP Allocation to Wood" unit="kg C m-2 s-1"/>
409    <field id="nppRoot" name="nppRoot" long_name="CO2 Flux from Atmosphere due to NPP Allocation to Root" unit="kg C m-2 s-1"/>
410    <field id="nep" name="nep" long_name="Net Carbon Mass Flux out of Atmophere due to Net Ecosystem Productivity." unit="kg C m-2 s-1"/>
411    <field id="wtd" name="WaterTableD" long_name="Water Table Depth" unit="m"/>
412    <field id="undermcr" name="undermcr" long_name="Number of soiltiles under residual moisture" unit="-"/>
413    <field id="tws" name="TWS" long_name="Total Water Storage" unit="Kg/m^2"> humtot+snow+CanopInt+fastr+slowr+streamr+lakevol+pondr </field>
414    <field id="check_infilt" name="check_infilt" long_name="check water conservation of infilt" unit="mm/s"/>
415    <field id="check_tr" name="check_tr" long_name="check water conservation of tridiag with diag_tr2" unit="mm/s"/>
416    <field id="check_over" name="check_over" long_name="check water conservation of smooth_over_mcs" unit="mm/s"/>
417    <field id="check_under" name="check_under" long_name="check water conservation of smooth_under_mcs" unit="mm/s"/>
418    <field id="ru_corr" name="Qs_corr" long_name="Adjustement flux added to surface runoff" unit="kg/m^2/s"/>
419    <field id="ru_corr2" name="Qs_corr2" long_name="Adjustement flux added to surface runoff (case of negative surface runoff)" unit="kg/m^2/s"/>
420    <field id="dr_corr" name="Qsb_corr" long_name="Adjustement flux added to drainage" unit="kg/m^2/s"/>
421    <field id="dr_force" name="Qforce" long_name="Adjustement flux added to drainage to sustain a forced water table depth" unit="kg/m^2/s"/>
422    <field id="ru_infilt" name="Qs_infilt" long_name="Surface runoff from hydrol_soil_infilt" unit="kg/m^2/s"/>
423    <field id="qinfilt" name="Infilt" long_name="Infiltration flux" unit="kg/m^2/s"/>
424  </field_group>
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