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[2743]1LMDZOR_v6 configuration
[3050]3Current version of LMDZOR_v6 is corresponding to IPSLCM6.0.6. It is supposed to be used with following model versions:
4LMDZ5/testing rev 2720
5ORCHIDEE/trunk rev 3823
6XIOS/trunk 965
8Using older versions:
[3050]9LMDZ5/testing revison 2314 : file_def_xxxCOSP_lmdz.xml needs to be modified
[2743]10ORCHIDEE/trunk revision 2724 : the configuration will work but the file_def_orchidee.xml will be taken from the source code and in this revions it do not contain the key world _AUTO_. Therefor the WriteFrequency set in config.card will not be used. Option ALB_BG_MODIS is not implemented in the version of ORCHIDEE.
[1833]13How to create a job and run directory :
[2771]15Choose in EXPERIMENTS the experiment to be done and copy the corresponding config.card to modipsl/config/LMDZOR_v6/, beside this README file. Modify the config.card as usual, for at least the JobName. Apply ../../libIGCM/ins_job and the creation of a new run directory will be done :
[1833]16  - the run directory will be created with the same name as JobName in config.card. If a directory with the same name already exists, nothing will be done.
17  - the PARAM, DRIVER and POST directories from GENERAL/ will be copied into the new run directory.
18  - the COMP directory from EXPERIMENTS/ will be copied into the new run directory, according to the variable ExpType in config.card.
19  - the config.card will be moved into the run directory.
20  - a job will be created in the run directory.
22Once the run directory has been created with ins_job, this directory is used as a normal run directory. More run directories can be created using ins_job several times. ins_job will never write in an existing run directory.
[2759]25Documentation on how to use the configurations are found here :
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