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[1691]1README by Josefine Ghattas
[1719]3This directory contains configurations in the same family, having the same suffix v5.
5Each configuration contains files for compiling : AA_make, AA_make.ldef and for
[1719]6NEMO also the directory scripts. These files are different between the configurations
[1691]7depending on the different models to compile.
[1742]9Each configuration contains also a EXPERIMENTS and a GENERAL directory. All files in
[1691]10these directories, with the same name and path, are the same between all configurations.
[1719]11But all files are not available in all configurations.
13- In the GENERAL directory are found all files needed for all experiments for a
[1719]14specific configuration. The files are divided into sub-directories DRIVER, PARAM and POST.
[1742]16- In EXPERIMENTS directory are found sub-directories for each experiment. These directories
[1691]17contain the .card files which specifies all in- and output files for the experiment
18and some parameter set up.
20*** Some exemples
[1719]21* For a small configuration LMDZREPR_v5, only files concerning LMDZ and REPROBUS are
[1742]22available in the GENERAL directory. In EXPERIMENTS, only experiments possible with LMDZ
[1691]23and REPROBUS are found : LMDZREPR and LMDZ.
[1742]25* In a bigger configuration such as IPSLCM5CHS_v5, more files are found in GENERAL
26directory. In EXPERIMENTS, all experiments possible with the models included in
[1742]29* All EXPERIMENTS/LMDZOR/amip experiments are the same in the different configurations BUT this
[1719]30experiment is not available for LMDZREPR_v5 configuration.
32* The GENERAL/DRIVER/orchidee.driver are the same in all configuration BUT this file does not
[1719]33exist in configuration LMDZREPR_v5.
37*** How to manage these configurations
38A user should extract only the configuration concerning what he/she want to simulate. If the
39user want to do both IPSLCM5 experiements and LMDZOR experiements with the same executable
[1719]40he/she can work with IPSLCM5_v5 configuration and choose different experiements in the
[1742]41EXPERIMENTS directory. Or he/she can extract IPSLCM5_v5 and LMDZOR_v5.
43An administrator that wants to check-in modifications in a configuration is supposed to
[1719]44extract this whole directory, v5. She/he is then supposed to modify all configurations in the
[1691]45same way and make a global commit in this directory. If there is dought about how a
46modification will function in the other configurations, the administrator should not do
47the check-in before verifications have been done.
[1719]49To extract directory v5 containg the corresponding configurations :
50svn co v5
52In this directory some scripts are found to help managing the configurations, as well as
53this README :
[1691]54* diff_configurations.ksh
55This script can be used to check if all files are the same in the different configurations.
56Syntax : ./diff_configurations.ksh
58* propagate_master_config.ksh
59This script can be used to copy modifications done in one configuration to all other
60configurations. The files will be copied only if they exist in both configurations.
61Syntax : ./propagate_master_config config_to_copy
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