source: CONFIG/UNIFORM/v6 @ 2749

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
IPSLCM6CHT 2636   7 years acosce in COMP/*card iodef.xml can be copied only one time by period (by only one …
LMDZORINCA_v6 2735   6 years acosce Add all parameter to allow interface between orchidee and inca
NEMO_v6 2737   6 years cetlod phase NEMO config to the head of v3.6 stabe branch
LMDZOR_v6 2743   6 years jgipsl Take file_def_orchidee.xml from ORCHIDEE/src_xml source directory.
IPSLCM6 2749   6 years omamce O.M. : LMDZ initial states taken from IGCMG Use of vert.def …
README 3.1 KB 2049   9 years aclsce Added files to synhchronize configurations. Scripts have to be adapted.
propagate_master_config.ksh 2.1 KB 2234   8 years jgipsl Adapted script for special case IPSLCM6 without suffix _v6.
diff_configurations.ksh 1.9 KB 2509   7 years jgipsl Copied modifications done in LMDZOR_v6 into the other configurations. …
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