source: CONFIG/UNIFORM/v6 @ 3864

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
IPSLCM5A2 3545   6 years aclsce - IPSLCM5A2 : modified PISCES input file : the previous one …
IPSLCM5A2CHT 3651   6 years acosce Add an experiment to tropo+strato chemistry (INCA) for CM5A2CHT
IPSLCM6 3858   6 years cetlod Removing a namelist block since it is already defined
IPSLCM6CHT 3688   6 years acosce remove these configuration not use anymore
IPSLESM6 3758   6 years acosce update IPSLESM6 to be consistent with CM6.1 (rev 3744) + add two flag in …
LMDZOR_v6 3864   6 years jgipsl update LMDZOR_v6 as done in IPSLCM6
LMDZORINCA_v6 3663   6 years acosce Add new experiment for lmdzorinca configuration
LMDZORINCAREPR_v6 3605   6 years acosce make modification to use XIOS with REPROBUS in configuration LMDZINCAREPR
LMDZORSTRATAER_v6 3149   7 years jgipsl This configuration do currently not run with threadds OMP.
NEMO_v6 3863   6 years cetlod Phasing namelists
NEMO_v7_dev 3829   6 years flavoni update frequency for ice 1mo instead of 5d
diff_configurations.ksh 1.9 KB 3127   7 years jgipsl - Added comments in Script_Output for the parameter solaire which is …
propagate_master_config.ksh 2.1 KB 3055   8 years jgipsl Changed greenhouse gazes to use new CMIP6 forcing files. Note the file …
README 3.1 KB 2049   11 years aclsce Added files to synhchronize configurations. Scripts have to be adapted.
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