source: CONFIG/UNIFORM/v6 @ 4027

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
LMDZORSTRATAER_v6 3149   7 years jgipsl This configuration do currently not run with threadds OMP.
LMDZORINCAREPR_v6 3605   6 years acosce make modification to use XIOS with REPROBUS in configuration LMDZINCAREPR
IPSLCM6CHT 3688   6 years acosce remove these configuration not use anymore
LMDZ5A2.1_ISO 3919   6 years acosce new configuration to run LMDZ5 ISO branche
NEMO_v7_dev 3937   6 years flavoni update namelists for NEMO rev4.0 forced
IPSLESM6 3971   6 years acosce forget files for NEMO and OASIS compilation on IRENE
LMDZORINCA_v6 3981   6 years acosce update number of CPU for VLR and add TS on all job
NEMO_v6 4017   6 years cetlod NEMOv6 : Update monitoring
LMDZOR_v6 4020   6 years jgipsl Updated as done in IPSLCM6
IPSLCM6 4022   6 years cetlod Update ping_nemo to output restoring terms in any case
IPSLCM5A2 4024   6 years acosce there was an error in this file - a path was write with specific login
IPSLCM5A2CHT 4027   6 years acosce make some modification on these card to work with this specific executable
README 3.1 KB 2049   11 years aclsce Added files to synhchronize configurations. Scripts have to be adapted.
propagate_master_config.ksh 2.1 KB 3055   7 years jgipsl Changed greenhouse gazes to use new CMIP6 forcing files. Note the file …
diff_configurations.ksh 1.9 KB 3127   7 years jgipsl - Added comments in Script_Output for the parameter solaire which is …
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