source: CONFIG/trunk @ 459

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
IPSLCM4_v2 459   13 years mafoipsl ACa, MAF : IPSLCM4_v2 trunk moved.
LMDZ4OR_v2 384   13 years jgipsl Copyed file from ../../LMDZOR/PARAM/physiq.def and modified to VEGET=n.
LMDZORINCA 345   14 years acosce Update LMDZORINCA config
LMDZINCA 435   13 years acosce change LMDZINCA_v2 by LMDZINCA in SVN path
IPSL_ESM 436   13 years acosce change IPSL_ESM_V1 by IPSL_ESM in SVN path
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