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1Stratospheric aerosol files for LMDz can be created by running on ciclad the script
3which itself prepares two more files and submit a job on ciclad which may take a couple of days to run.
5The stratospheric AOD data originates from data prepared by Beiping Luo ETZH for CMIP6.
8The data were provided in June 2016 and were not versioned (but were later referred as v2).
9A new version (v3) was made available on 15 September 2017 due to a glitch in the 1970s data.
10The new version also modified the trend in the background aerosol.
12Beiping calculated for the solar radiation 8 bands (bands 1-6 for the SW 6 bands
13model and 7-8 for the SW 2 bands model) and likewise for the 16 bands of the RRTM LW model.
15The data are processed in IDL on ciclad for different resolutions
16of the IPSL model and aerosol optical properties are generated for AOD,
17omega and g per model layer (SW), and absorption AOD per model layer (LW).
19The stratospheric aerosol data extends into the troposphere but a mask is applied
20in the LMDz model to remove tropospheric data. The data are interpolated on the vertical
21from the CMIP6 altitude coordinate (z, resolution 0.5 km) to the model coordinate (sigma).
22This is done using a monthly (10-year mean) climatology of the geopotential height. = 10 yr climatology from a coupled IPSL-CM6.0.12 simulation = zonal mean of the above file  (cdo zonmean = same as above but ferret'ized so that can be read in idl
27In September 2017 the processing idl routine was to v4 changed to rely on climatological LMDz altitudes
28that vary monthly and with latitude (based on GEOP variable Z=GEOP/RG/1000 [in km]).
29Start from a file with monthly GEOP variable
30cdo divc,9810.
31cdo zonmean
32ferret'ize file to make it readable by ferret :
33We have files for LR, MR, HR model versions.
34The variable is called GEOP but is now the altitude in km as required by the interpolation scheme.
36The data are fed on ciclad (currently in /data/$USER/CMIP6/VOLC/)
38Annual files: taulwstrat.2D.$ and taulwstrat.2D.$
39to be used for historical simulations
41Average 1850-2014 conditions (no seasonal cycle): and
42to be used for piControl, pdControl and for scenario runs (past a 10 year transition from 2014 conditions)
43subject to changes in the protocol
45Following the CMIP6 protocol, a linear transition between 2014 and average conditions is
46performed and should be used for the period 2015-2023. Average conditions should then be used for
472024 onwards.
49CMIP6 stratospheric aerosols are activated in LMDz with flag_aerosol_strat=2
51Files to be renamed as and for use by LMDz
52No additional interpolation between months is done.
54Olivier Boucher
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