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Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
BUG_OASIS_BILINEAR 3325   6 years omamce O.M. : premier enregistrement. Utilitaire pour corriger les poids du …
CHECKscripts 1501   12 years mafoipsl Add to check a list of files based on dates.
CMIP6_FORCING 4051   4 years tlurton Corrected script to generate sflx files for scenarios (bug on 2080's …
ConsoGENCI 3083   6 years labetoulle Overall update (typos,, ...)
ConsoGENCMIP6 2850   7 years labetoulle [consogencmip6] Change cpt parsing to reflect latest changes in …
CPLRESTART 3742   5 years omamce O.M.
CREATE_INTERP_AEROSOLS 2149   10 years acosce make some corrections
EXTRAlibIGCM 1500   12 years mafoipsl Move AA_stomate_flux_correction into EXTRAlibIGCM directory.
INTERP_NUDGE 3099   6 years jgipsl Correction
MachineEnvironment 4087   4 years jgipsl Updated with changes done this summer(juin and july).
MOSAIX 4092   4 years omamce O.M. : add header to rangement.bash:wq
MOZAIC 3918   5 years omamce O.M. : change espfrac from fortran parameter to parameter read in run.def
MultiMonitoring 1526   12 years mmaipsl Add short usage and examples in multi-monitoring_script and change title …
PACK_IPSL 2139   10 years acosce Correct the name of restart archive to fit with libIGCM standard
PlotRuncard 1989   10 years brocksce How to produce example_01.svg
SURPACK_IPSL 2488   8 years acosce add pdf for documentation
SYNCHRO_SCRIPTS 4093   4 years acosce sauvegarde des scripts permettant la synchronisation des donnees inter …
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