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1This folder modipsl/util contains scripts for extraction of configurations and scripts for creation of makefiles.
3Scripts for extraction
5* model
6Main script to extract pre-defined configurations
7Use "./model -h" for more information.
8Use "./model ConfName" by changing ConfName to the configurationi of
9your choice in the list given by ./model -h
11* mod.def
12This script contains all pre-defined configurations.
13The file is read by the script model.
16Scripts related to creation of makefiles
18Note that these scripts are not needed for newer configurations which uses
19a main compilation script instead of makefiles.
21* ins_make
22This script will create makefiles for folders containing AA_make and AA_make.ldef files.
23This is an old method to compile models. It is not used by newer configurations.i
24ins_make is launched by default in the end of the script model for all configurations.
26* AA_make.gdef
27This is an input file used by ins_make. It contains compilations options and paths for
28predefined machines at IPSL.
30* w_i_h
31This file is used by ins_make. It specifies for predefined machines at IPSL which target
32to use in AA_make.gdef.
34* ins_m_prec
35This is a script used by ins_make to configure IOIPSL compilation.
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