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05/27/13 15:57:36 (11 years ago)

Created new tag v2_2_2 of IOIPSL

Enhancements since tag v2_2_1 :

  • Allow more variables in each history file, now nb_var_max=600
  • Added possibility to read a scalar variable with one dimension if this dimension has lenght equal one.
  • Added NF90_64BIT_OFFSET for creation of restart file. Needed for ORCHIDEE high resolution.
  • Introduced the new subroutine moycum_index. Works the same way as moycum but make computations only on index points. Used only when scatter operation is performed. Help to reduce the computational time of ORCHIDEE. For the other models, should not change the results.
  • Augmented maximum number of dimensions in file to rebuild needed for ORCHIDEE trunk version, now flio_max_dims=15.
  • flincom : recognize also time axis "time"
  • new function histglobal_attr to give GLOBAL ATTRIBUTES in history files.
  • and some more...
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