Changeset 3511

12/14/17 10:54:16 (7 years ago)

Created new tag for IOIPSL v2_2_4. Differences between this tag and previous default tag v2_2_2 are are included in the revisions on the trunk between r2079 and r3474. Major changes are:

  • Possiblilty to use netcdf compression in restcom. Option is activated by adding optional argument use_compression when calling restini
  • Increase parameters values to be able to read longer lines from run.def
  • Updated max number of dimension needed for rebuild
  • Removed unlimited on the the time axis in restart file to have better performances
  • Possiblity to have more dimensions in restart files
  • Added some missing error handling
  • More variables allowed in history files

Note that netcdf 4 is mandatory since commit [3188].

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