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    r3681 r3703  
    149149   <field id="CMIP6_sfriver"       field_ref="dummy_XY"         /> <!-- P1 (kg m-2 s-1) salt_flux_into_sea_water_from_rivers : This field is physical, and it arises when rivers carry a nonzero salt content.  Often this is zero, with rivers assumed to be fresh. NEMO-RD : not relevant for IPSLCM6 --> 
    150150   <field id="CMIP6_sftof"         field_ref="iceconc_pct" > 100 - this </field> <!-- P1 (%) sea_area_fraction : This is the area fraction at the ocean surface. **** NEMO-RD: variable already provided in ping_seaIce under name siconc - we decide to keep it here as well --> 
    151    <field id="CMIP6_sithick"       field_ref="dummy_XY"         /> <!-- P1 (m) sea_ice_thickness : Actual (floe) thickness of sea ice (NOT volume divided by grid area as was done in CMIP5) **** NEMO-RD: this field is not in data request ocean, but in data request simip. we have verified that it is mentioned in ping_seaIce indeed. -->  
    152151   <field id="CMIP6_sltbasin"      field_ref="sopst_vs_3bsn"> this * 1e6 * $convSpsu   </field> <!-- P1 (kg s-1) northward_ocean_salt_transport : function of latitude, basin **** NEMO-RD: requested is as a function of latitude. In principle, we do not want to translate y into latitude. to be written in meta data --> 
    153152   <field id="CMIP6_sltnortha"     field_ref="sopst_atl"> this * 1e6 * $convSpsu </field> <!-- P1 (kg s-1) northward_ocean_salt_transport : unset --> 
    205204   <field id="CMIP6_zossq"         field_ref="sshdyn2"         /> <!-- P1 (m2) square_of_sea_surface_height_above_geoid : Surface ocean geoid defines z=0. --> 
    206205   <field id="CMIP6_zostoga"       field_ref="scsshtst" />       <!-- P1 (m) global_average_thermosteric_sea_level_change : There is no CMIP6 request for zosga nor zossga. --> 
    207207<!-- for variables which realm equals one of _seaIce--> 
    208208   <field id="CMIP6_siage"         field_ref="iceage"            /> <!-- P1 (s) age_of_sea_ice : Age of sea ice --> 
    295295   <field id="CMIP6_sndmasswindrif" field_ref="dummy_XY"         /> <!-- P2 (kg m-2 s-1) sndmasswindrif : the rate of change of snow mass through wind drift of snow (from sea-ice into the sea) divided by grid-cell area --> 
    296296   <field id="CMIP6_snmassacrossline" field_ref="transport_snmasse_transect"        /> <!-- P2 (kg s-1) snmassacrossline : net (sum of transport in all directions) snow mass transport through the following four passages, positive into the Arctic Ocean 1. Fram Strait = (11.5W,81.3N to (10.5E,79.6N) 2. Canadian Archipelego = (128.2W,70.6N) to (59.3W,82.1N) 3. Barents opening = (16.8E,76.5N) to (19.2E,70.2N) 4. Bering Strait = (171W,66.2N) to (166W,65N) --> 
    297300<!-- for variables which realm equals one of _ocean_seaIce_ocnBgchem--> 
    298301   <field id="CMIP6_arag"          field_ref="dummy_XYO"        /> <!-- P2 (mol m-3) mole_concentration_of_aragonite_expressed_as_carbon_in_sea_water : Sum of particulate aragonite components (e.g. Phytoplankton, Detrital, etc.) --> 
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