05/16/23 16:24:04 (11 months ago)

Change in organisation to make it possible to have ORCHIDEE version 2_2 and version trunk(also called version 4) in the same modipsl :

  • sources are now stored in modeles/ORCHIDEE_2_2 for default settings
  • default compilation, modeles/ORCHIDEE_2_2 will be compiled => modification in mod.def is needed
  • compilation with option -orch4 compiles folder modeles/ORCHIDEE_trunk
  • executables containing ORCHIDEE has suffix orch22 for default version or orch4 for the trunk version.
  • experiment set up changes for the name of the executable and the path to xml files in the ORCHIDEE_2_2 or ORCHIDEE_trunk. An experiment set up can only be used with the version of ORCHIDEE which it is prepared for. Currently all experiments are done for ORCHIDEE_2_2 except one in ICOLMDZOR which is suffiexed by orchv4
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