11/12/09 19:06:27 (14 years ago)
  • Use new libIGCMv1_4 functionnality to anticipate CMIP5 post-processing :

You can ask for fixed lenght time series (10 years chunck or 50 years
chunck or ...) and specify it for each files.

  • Separation of concern between 2D and 3D fields.
  • Backward compatible with previous style comp.card
  • example :

TimeSeriesVars2D = (cldt, psol, q2m, slp, SWnetOR, SWdownOR)
ChunckJob2D = NONE
TimeSeriesVars3D = (temp, theta, ovap, pres, geop, vitu, vitv)
ChunckJob3D = 10Y

  • Some cleanup
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