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(edit) @5719   4 days aclsce Created IPSLCM6_LANDN configuration from IPSLCM6 reference configuration. …
(edit) @5717   4 days acosce merge LMDZOR_v6.2 with IPSLCM6.2 configuration. Add physiq v6.2
(edit) @5716   4 days acosce remove RebuildFrequency? from config.card in LMDZ and LMDZOR experiments …
(edit) @5714   8 days acosce modify dynamico restart for experiment with inca
(edit) @5711   9 days acosce for ICOLMDZORINCA_v7 config add the possibility to read nqtot from …
(edit) @5709   9 days acosce update co2_carbonator file for ICOLMDZORINCA_v7 config
(edit) @5707   11 days acosce update start file for dynamico in ICOLMDZORINCA config.
(edit) @5706   11 days acosce use tracer.def create by inca for CREATE_E0 with dynamico in ICOLMDZORINCA …
(edit) @5705   11 days acosce Now inca create a file tracer.def - the compilation copy this file on bin …
(edit) @5702   11 days acosce merge LMDZORINCA_v6.2 with IPSLCM6.2 for DRIVER and COMP card on LMDZ and …
(edit) @5701   11 days acosce add field_cosp1 in lmdz.card for LKMDZORINCA_v6.2.2 configuration
(edit) @5699   2 weeks acosce fixe a bug in lmdzorinca TS
(edit) @5698   2 weeks acosce add date at the end of the compilation log file's name for LMDZORINCA_v6.2 …
(edit) @5695   2 weeks acosce add management of tracers_dynamico.xml
(edit) @5694   2 weeks acosce Add create_etat0 directory to create start0 file for dynamico with values …
(edit) @5693   2 weeks acosce example of tracer.def parameter file need by dynamico (git version) to run …
(edit) @5691   3 weeks falletti LMDZREPR_v6 update (driver)
(edit) @5688   3 weeks falletti LMDZREPR_v6: adding
(edit) @5686   3 weeks falletti Add of arch for LMDZREPR_v6 with IOIPSL_2.2.5
(edit) @5684   3 weeks cetlod Create new configuration based on NEMOv4.2
(edit) @5682   4 weeks falletti Update LMDZREPROBUS for NPv6.2
(edit) @5679   4 weeks cetlod CM65 : change grid file to include reduction of scale factors in the …
(edit) @5651   5 weeks acosce update ICOLMDZORINCA configuration to run in mpi_omp
(edit) @5650   5 weeks cetlod CM6.2 : change barotropic streamfunction variable
(edit) @5648   7 weeks acosce fixe a bug in arch.path for IRENE skl on ICOLMODZIRNCA config
(edit) @5645   7 weeks cetlod MR025 : No computation of heat and salt budget
(edit) @5644   7 weeks tlurton Added and modified necessary files to support configuration CO2AER.
(edit) @5642   7 weeks cetlod CM62 : Enable computation of transport trends for ORCA025
(edit) @5641   8 weeks acosce use NP6.2 for chemistry NMHC_AER_S in LR (LMDZORINCA configuration)
(edit) @5640   8 weeks acosce Add parameters files for NP6.2
(edit) @5638   8 weeks acosce Add new experiment in LMDZORINCA config (for NMHC_AER_S chemistry in LR …
(edit) @5633   2 months cetlod CM6.2 : Add namelist_lim3_cfg_NPv6.2_MR025
(edit) @5632   2 months cetlod NEMOv6.5 : change compilation option from precise to strict in NEMO arch
(edit) @5630   2 months falletti Update LMDZREPR_v6 config with iflag_phytrac=1
(edit) @5629   2 months cetlod NEMOv6.5 : change compilation option from precise to strict in NEMO arch
(edit) @5626   2 months acosce fixe a bug introduced in previews commit for compilation on irene-amd
(edit) @5625   2 months acosce Add some modification to correct some bug due to management of ICO grid
(edit) @5623   2 months cetlod NEMOv6 : change rainfall name variable for JRA namelist
(edit) @5622   2 months acosce update config ICOLMDZORINCA 1- solve a problem on arch.path 2- add …
(edit) @5620   2 months cetlod CM65 : update SOURCE from NEMO
(edit) @5619   2 months cetlod NEMOv6.5 : update SOURCE from NEMO
(edit) @5618   2 months cetlod NEMOv6.1 : minor correction in namelist for JRA forcing
(edit) @5615   2 months cetlod CM6.2 : change maskMFO file
(edit) @5613   2 months falletti Update for LMDZREPR_v6 configuration
(edit) @5612   2 months cetlod CM6.2.2 : Create specific physiq.def for MR025 configurations and change …
(edit) @5611   2 months aclsce Added orog field in ping_LMDZ.xml.
(edit) @5608   2 months falletti New configuration LMDZREPR_v6
(edit) @5606   2 months cetlod CM6.5 : Bugfix in sea-ice when using conduction flux instead of …
(edit) @5605   2 months cetlod NEMOv6.5 : Bugfix in sea-ice when using conduction flux instead of …
(edit) @5604   2 months cetlod NEMOv6.5 : Use TEOS-10 equation of state for ORCA2 configurations
(edit) @5602   2 months aclsce Added PARAM/gcm.def_144x142_NPv6.2 and PARAM/namelist_lim3_cfg_NPv6.2.
(edit) @5600   2 months aclsce Use of physiq.def_NPv6.2 in all of IPSLCM6.2 configurations.
(edit) @5599   3 months cetlod CM6.2 : Update initial state for MR025 configuration
(edit) @5598   3 months aclsce IPSLCM6.2 configuration : * use of physiq.def_NPv6.2 (with LMDZ bug …
(edit) @5597   3 months cetlod CM6.2.2 : Add a boolean in namelist pisces to keep old nitrogen fixation …
(edit) @5594   3 months acosce Add regular experiment in ICOLMDZORINCA configuration
(edit) @5591   3 months acosce suppress resolution for inca compilation, now the information will be …
(edit) @5590   3 months aclsce IPSLCM6.2 : removed t2m as TS for orchidee, use of output_level=5 for LMDZ …
(edit) @5589   3 months acosce fixe a bug in lmdz.card for ICOLMDZORINCA config
(edit) @5588   3 months acosce add GENERAL files for config ICOLMDZORINCA
(edit) @5587   3 months acosce add arch.path for ICOLMDZORINCA config
(edit) @5586   3 months acosce new configuration for LMDZORINCA coupled with Dynamico
(edit) @5585   3 months cetlod CM6.2.2 : change level of NEMO outputs
(edit) @5584   3 months aclsce Created piControl_MR025_CMIP6 experiment for IPSLCM6.2.
(edit) @5583   3 months flavoni update arch.en path for ensemble
(edit) @5582   3 months cetlod piControl_MR1_CMIP6 : remove 5D ocean outputs
(edit) @5581   3 months cetlod CM6.2 : NEMO ping corrections + ping for NEMO ocean+sea-ice only (for …
(edit) @5579   3 months aclsce IPSLCM6.2 : Added cosp compilation by default. Added piControl_MR1_CMIP6 …
(edit) @5573   4 months cetlod NEMOv6.5 : update arch.evn for IRENE-ROME
(edit) @5568   4 months cetlod NEMOv6x config : Changed netcdf library path on NEMO JeanZay? arch file
(edit) @5566   4 months cetlod NEMOv6.1 : Adding new experiments using CMIP5 dyanmical fields to run …
(edit) @5564   4 months cetlod NEMOv6.1 : one more update
(edit) @5562   4 months cetlod NEMOv6.1 : Minor corrections for PISCES run offline
(edit) @5561   4 months aclsce Changed netcdf library path on NEMO JeanZay? arch file.
(edit) @5558   4 months acosce add creation of clim_oz file in CREATE experiments (LMDZOR_v6.2_work …
(edit) @5557   4 months acosce update name of models log output for config LMDZOR_v6.2
(edit) @5555   4 months aclsce Created IPSLCM6.3 configuration, merge between IPSLCM6.2 and LMDZOR_v6.3.
(edit) @5554   4 months acosce update create_amip and create_clim_360d to work in v6.2 configuration …
(edit) @5553   4 months acosce Add directory for CREATE clim experiment initial state file with noleap …
(edit) @5552   4 months flavoni update RESTART experience directory name on irene
(edit) @5551   4 months flavoni add decadal experime,nt for IPSLCM6.2-work
(edit) @5550   4 months acosce remove RebuildFrequency? parameter from config.card
(edit) @5547   4 months acosce Add arch.env for irene amd
(edit) @5546   4 months acosce update compilation script for lmdzorinca_v7
(edit) @5545   4 months acosce Add irene amd for compilation
(edit) @5543   4 months acosce minor corrections
(edit) @5542   4 months acosce Add new configuration to coupled lmdzorinca with dynamico. In first step …
(edit) @5541   4 months acosce add a new experiment for GES chemistry in 144x142x79 with LMDZ new physics
(edit) @5540   4 months aclsce Added regridding to regular grid for nbp320 resolution.
(edit) @5537   4 months aclsce Added regridding to regular grid for nbp320 resolution.
(edit) @5535   5 months cetlod NEMOv6.5 configuration : phasing with NEMOv4.0.4 and cleaning
(edit) @5531   5 months cetlod NEMOv6.5 : minor updates
(edit) @5529   5 months cetlod NEMOv6.5 : update namelist to phase with NEMOv4.0.4
(edit) @5528   5 months cetlod CM6.5 : update namelist to phase witj NEMOv4.0.4
(edit) @5527   5 months cetlod MR025 : minor cleaning
(edit) @5525   5 months cetlod add missing LIM3 namelist for NPv6.1_MR1
(edit) @5523   5 months cetlod Improve IPSLCM6.2 configuration : general cleaning
(edit) @5522   5 months lfairhead Updating config file for piControl-MR1 experiment
(edit) @5521   5 months lfairhead Pour bénéficier des 500 annes de spinup
(edit) @5519   5 months cetlod IPSLCM6.2 : update initial state for MR025 experiments
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