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(edit) @786   14 years mafoipsl add sx9mercure as a separate machine.
(edit) @783   14 years mafoipsl PeriodLength=1Y and CalendarType /= 360d is not working.
(edit) @781   14 years mafoipsl sossheig added in 1D outputs
(edit) @780   14 years mafoipsl Add Patch to have time_counter name in coordinates attribute in lmdz and …
(edit) @778   14 years mafoipsl Adapt namelist to be compatible with NEMO revision 1712
(edit) @777   14 years mafoipsl iomput added in NEMO. First guess for larger tests.
(edit) @775   14 years sdipsl Correct typo
(edit) @769   14 years sdipsl - get ready to use fft filter when Yann's optimisation will be in
(edit) @768   14 years sdipsl - nitergdiv=1 is the best choice
(edit) @763   14 years sdipsl - Some evolution for orchidee.driver and orchidee.def - Very likely that …
(edit) @762   14 years sdipsl - Switch on new offline aerosols (including ASSO4M(=SO4), CSSO4M, AIBCM, …
(edit) @758   14 years aclsce Use of FCM to compile XMLF90 and XMLIO_SERVER.
(edit) @755   14 years aclsce Corrected a bad "if" condition.
(edit) @754   15 years aclsce Added surface currents(ice and oce) to send from the ocean to the …
(edit) @749   15 years mafoipsl Update lmdz.driver to allow PeriodLentgth?=*Y (ie n years simulation) with …
(edit) @743   15 years mafoipsl Delete all Bands files in PARAM directory. Add in lmdz.driver everything …
(edit) @734   15 years mafoipsl rn_rdt for sed command in opa9.driver
(edit) @732   15 years omamce OM : Now NEMO/ORCA2 physics is exactly the physics of NEMO V3_2 in forced …
(edit) @716   15 years mafoipsl Use Patch for time counter in double (or float)
(edit) @713   15 years mafoipsl keep in comment informations required for oasis coupling on vargas
(edit) @712   15 years mafoipsl Add a comment : use NONE for online rebuild or for DRYRUN=3
(edit) @710   15 years sdipsl - Some more bands files, for vargas (96x95x39, 144x142x39, 16 and 32 …
(edit) @707   15 years mafoipsl incoherence between nn_fwb and nn_sssr (concern fresh water budget)
(edit) @705   15 years mafoipsl Adapt namelist[_ice], opa9.driver and BB_make to NEMO v3_2 beta
(copy) @704   15 years mafoipsl first guess for IPSLCM5_v2 config
copied from CONFIG/IPSLCM/IPSLCM5/branches/IPSLCM5_WORK:
(edit) @700   15 years mafoipsl Delete the blank to have a working sed for WRITE_STEP
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