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(edit) @1365   12 years aclsce Put lev_histday=5 and enabled daily outputs for lim component since it is …
(edit) @1283   12 years mafoipsl Add t700 and w500 in histday ouputs and in TS.
(edit) @1248   12 years mafoipsl For NEMO, to avoid empty grid_T monthly files with OUTPUT_LEVEL=3 in …
(edit) @1163   12 years aclsce - Put lev_histmth=5 for all IPSLCM5A configurations.
(edit) @1097   13 years aclsce Added 1pctCO2 CMIP5 configuration. Modified levels for some outputs of …
(edit) @1089   13 years aclsce To fit with the use of rev 1415 of LMDZ and the use of COSP v1.3
(edit) @1083   13 years mafoipsl Use SOLARANDVOLCANOES for historical. Correction of ecrit_LES. Aga written …
(edit) @1080   13 years aclsce Added tracer "Age of stratospheric air", activated by putting Aga in …
(edit) @1042   13 years mafoipsl Suppression of MLDR10_3 stored 2 times.
(edit) @1040   13 years sdipsl - Update variables, and chunck associated with them so that we have …
(edit) @1026   13 years sdipsl - Update Total Solar Irradiance parameter following this: …
(edit) @1021   13 years mafoipsl More CMIP5 and IPSL output variables (daily and monthly) for NEMO OPA9 and …
(edit) @1019   13 years cetlod CE : Update IPSLCM5A config for AR5 version of PISCES model
(edit) @1013   13 years mmaipsl MM : adapt IPSLCM5A for AR5 version of ORCHIDEE.
(edit) @1003   13 years mafoipsl Use ok_histNMC input parameter to set monthly, daily and HF frequencies …
(edit) @1001   13 years mafoipsl Add COSP files processing in historical and piControl.
(edit) @1000   13 years mafoipsl Add COSP compilation and files processing in EXP00.
(edit) @992   13 years sdipsl - Some homogenization between directory regarding : - SmoothFiles?
(edit) @984   13 years mafoipsl Updated piControl directory hosting simulation having preindustrial setup.
(copy) @983   13 years mafoipsl Add PiControl? directory hosting simulation having preindustrial setup.
(copy) @980   13 years mafoipsl IPSLCM5A : copied from IPSLCM5_v3
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