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(edit) @955   12 years acosce Modification to run LMDZINCA on titane : Replaced compname variable by …
(edit) @903   12 years acosce Clean input file in inca.card (LMDZINCA config)
(edit) @900   12 years acosce Change path for boundaries files in LMDZINCA config
(edit) @889   12 years acosce ACo : update LMDZINCA_v3 config 1- add TS in inca.card …
(edit) @868   12 years acosce ACo: add resolution 9695 for Bands Files
(edit) @860   13 years acosce ACo : add change for Bands Files
(edit) @859   13 years acosce ACo : update LMDZ calendar
(edit) @841   13 years acosce ACo: Update config LMDZINCA (Rebuild on Archive - LMDZ calendar
(edit) @674   13 years jgipsl Keep rebuild working for histmth. JG+MAF
(edit) @626   13 years acosce ACo: change write time step for histmth in LMDZINCA config
(edit) @607   13 years acosce ACo: update LMDZINCA_v3 config with new makelmdz_fcm, and new flags for …
(edit) @592   13 years acosce In LMDZINCA_v3 config : add files BandsResol? in PARAM directories
(edit) @591   13 years acosce In LMDZINCA_v3 config : add copy of the BandsResol? file in lmdz.card
(edit) @518   13 years acosce ACo: new AA_make for openmp config, and new flags in physiq.def
(copy) @517   13 years acosce ACo: new config for LMDZINCA with openmp
copied from CONFIG/LMDZINCA/branches/LMDZINCA_v3_0/EXP_AER:
(copy) @492   14 years acosce ACo: LMDZINCA_v3_0 moved in LMDZINCA/branches
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