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(edit) @1659   12 years acosce change path of files in LMDZORINCA card
(edit) @1648   12 years acosce (LMDZORINCA) add type_trac parameter in physiq.def in order to run with …
(edit) @1647   12 years acosce Correct a bug in LMDZORINCA config (forget to read LMDZ_Physiq variable …
(edit) @1646   12 years acosce Correct some bug in LMDZORINCA script
(edit) @1639   12 years acosce Change INCA by INCA3 for correct bug of compilation (lmdz loof for INCA3 …
(edit) @1637   12 years acosce remove ID number of model --> like this we can change more easily between …
(edit) @1636   12 years acosce Add possibility to use new physiq of LMDZ in LMDZORINCA config
(edit) @1635   12 years acosce Change some LMDZ by INCA (in inca.driver)
(edit) @1634   12 years acosce Now value of config_inca (physiq.def) is write by inca.driver (change copy …
(edit) @1633   12 years acosce In LMDZORINCA PARAM/physiq.def --> value of config_inca is now write by …
(edit) @1631   12 years acosce Add new resolution with 39 levels in INCA config
(edit) @1630   12 years acosce Add new resolution with 39 levels in INCA config
(edit) @1629   12 years acosce Add new resolution with 39 levels in INCA config
(edit) @1628   13 years acosce Correct a parameter in guide.def for LMDZORINCA
(edit) @1627   13 years acosce Add example of LMDZ_Bands_file_name for config AER and NMHC_AER
(edit) @1625   13 years acosce Update in EXP_LOI for LMDZORINCA * Add JobRunOption? for Vargas * Add …
(edit) @1606   13 years acosce 1) Changed to use PFTmap from annual files (instead of a big file with all …
(edit) @1576   13 years acosce Create file .chimie
(edit) @1575   13 years acosce New experiment directory for INCA - use .chimie to new the chemistry
(edit) @1567   13 years acosce Change experiment directory name in LMDZORINCA config
(edit) @1566   13 years acosce Remove experiments directories in LMDZORINCA --> we want one directory for …
(edit) @1565   13 years acosce Add Stomate to LMDZORINCA config
(edit) @1557   13 years acosce * Modify run.def physiq.def gcm.def by merging with LMDZOR config - …
(copy) @1556   13 years acosce New tag for merging with card of LMDZOR config
(edit) @1520   13 years acosce clean one more directory with gmake clean in LMDZORINCA config
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