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(edit) @2208   8 years sdipsl Fix call stack tree
(edit) @2178   9 years acosce Remove TimeSeries3D (variables weren't in output files)
(edit) @2177   9 years acosce Fixe a bug in inca.card (IPSLCM5CHT_v5 config)
(edit) @2176   9 years acosce change restart date
(edit) @2175   9 years acosce Add short explanation to how rerun the simulation 1989.6 with IPSLCM5CHT
(edit) @2174   9 years acosce Update IPSLCM5CHT configuration
(edit) @2152   9 years acosce Modifications in IPSLCM5CHT configuration : - remove piControl …
(edit) @2112   9 years acosce Add in section Output_Text all files useful for debugging (with pack there …
(edit) @2111   9 years acosce Add historical simulation for IPSLCM5CHT config
(edit) @2101   9 years jgipsl Removed INCLUDEDEF=orchidee.def, inca.def, reprobus.def and guide.def from …
(edit) @2072   9 years acosce Add external parameter in inca for IPSLCM5CHT
(edit) @2071   9 years acosce Add new external parameter (aerosol feedback) in differents inca config
(edit) @2070   9 years acosce Change INCA3 by INCA in compilation of IPSLCM5CHT
(edit) @2034   9 years jgipsl OldName? was missing in LMDZ/clim/config.card. OldName? is a mandatory …
(edit) @2032   9 years jgipsl Only change in comment for flag_aerosol (add =0 no aerosol).
(edit) @2026   9 years acosce Add inca.def copy in RUN_DIR
(edit) @2024   9 years acosce Add a parameter file for INCA model : inca.def
(edit) @2019   9 years jgipsl Corrected one parmeter for case CWRR (new hydrol).
(edit) @2018   9 years jgipsl - Ajoute variable DefSuffix? dans orchidee.card. DefSuffix?=Choi par defaut. …
(edit) @2015   9 years acosce Modify lmdz.card/lmdz.driver/config.def to fit with last LMDZ revision …
(edit) @2001   9 years sdipsl - For homogoneity between configuration
(edit) @2000   9 years acosce Change path for input file on inca.card (use cccwork instead of dmnfs)
(edit) @1998   9 years sdipsl Correct syntax error so as to be portable (ada)
(edit) @1937   10 years jgipsl Added modifications for REPROBUS in coupled mode.
(edit) @1923   10 years jgipsl Corrected bug affecting create_etat0_limit for leap calendar.
(edit) @1909   10 years jgipsl Changed ${R_OUT} into ${ARCHIVE}/IGCM_OUT when it concerns a input …
(edit) @1897   10 years jgipsl Corrected bug while using experience CREATE : Added test if file Bands_ …
(edit) @1894   10 years jgipsl Type error in last commit.
(edit) @1893   10 years jgipsl Corrected bug in lmdz.driver introduced by myself in rev 1892 : Before …
(edit) @1892   10 years jgipsl Changed to copy Bands file into PARAM directory in submit dir. An extra …
(edit) @1891   10 years jgipsl Added in InitialStateFiles? and for LMDZ, only in …
(edit) @1890   10 years jgipsl Changed to RESOL_ATM instead of LMD9695.
(edit) @1833   10 years acosce Add README "How to create a job and run directory" in each config
(edit) @1830   10 years jgipsl - Corrected DateEnd? to end with 30 when CalendarType?=360d. - Changed …
(edit) @1820   10 years acosce Bug fixed in IPSLCM5CHT_v5
(add) @1818   10 years acosce Add coupled configuration with aerosol online
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