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(edit) @2094   8 years acosce Modify path in [Restart] part of INCA config.card
(edit) @2071   9 years acosce Add new external parameter (aerosol feedback) in differents inca config
(edit) @2026   9 years acosce Add inca.def copy in RUN_DIR
(edit) @2024   9 years acosce Add a parameter file for INCA model : inca.def
(edit) @2018   9 years jgipsl - Ajoute variable DefSuffix? dans orchidee.card. DefSuffix?=Choi par defaut. …
(edit) @2016   9 years acosce Bug fixe : there is no restart file in GES version
(edit) @2015   9 years acosce Modify lmdz.card/lmdz.driver/config.def to fit with last LMDZ revision …
(edit) @2004   9 years acosce Add PackFrequency? in config.card for inca config
(edit) @2000   9 years acosce Change path for input file on inca.card (use cccwork instead of dmnfs)
(edit) @1814   9 years acosce Add GES in LMDZORINCA newconfig
(edit) @1813   9 years acosce For NMHC_AER config : - Add new config with management of resolution …
(edit) @1811   9 years acosce Delete old config AER
(edit) @1810   9 years acosce Add new directory for AER config now we can change the resolution without …
(edit) @1776   9 years acosce Add NMHC_AER_L39 experiment to new config
(edit) @1772   9 years aclsce Removed JobClass?, JobRunOptions? and Executable name in config.card
(edit) @1758   9 years acosce Make some correction in LMDZORINCA_v5 - change AA_make because we change …
(edit) @1743   9 years jgipsl Change variables UserSpec? into ExpType? in config.card due to previous …
(copy) @1742   9 years jgipsl Changed name for directory USER_SPEC into EXPERIMENTS.
(copy) @1720   10 years jgipsl As previous commit, rev 1719.
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