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(edit) @4201   3 years acosce Add restart for the re-submission in inca configuration AER LR job
(edit) @3967   3 years acosce update LMDZORINCA_v6 to follow NPv6.1.5
(edit) @3648   4 years acosce update LMDZORINCA_v6 to 6.0.15
(edit) @3582   4 years acosce Add a debug file ton inca configuration
(edit) @3553   4 years acosce fixed an error on this config.card - calendar is 360d so last day is 30-12 …
(edit) @3543   4 years acosce modify and start / for all config of LMDZORINCA to …
(edit) @3542   4 years acosce update LMDZORINCA config to version 6.0.14
(edit) @3457   4 years acosce Add a new parameter to adjust seasalt in inca
(edit) @3396   4 years acosce add possibility to run ttop with LMDZORINCA_v6 - 6.0.12
(edit) @3395   4 years acosce LMDZORINCA configuration to be compared with IPSLCM6.0.12 Warning : add …
(edit) @3347   4 years acosce change the name of file create by inca to forced lmdz on aerosols
(edit) @3338   4 years acosce update path for file on lmdzorinca AER_pdControl experiment
(edit) @3336   4 years acosce correcting a typo error
(edit) @3334   4 years acosce remove a file in inca configuration, this file is not use in aerosol case
(edit) @3333   4 years acosce use new files for the aerosol deposition in Inca
(edit) @3331   4 years acosce correct a bug in a path file for the configuration lmdzorinca
(edit) @3319   4 years acosce Inca configuration : allowed inca.card to manage the parameter value for …
(edit) @3318   4 years acosce change a name of output file in inca configuration
(edit) @3316   4 years acosce INCA : activation of physic 6.0.11 for lmdz (in AER_pdControl …
(edit) @3315   4 years acosce Now we can manage the flag emi_interp_time directly from inca.card (with …
(edit) @3308   4 years acosce allow for daily and monthly output in CMIP6 simulation with INCA
(edit) @3305   4 years acosce put a flag to zero to remove calcul of some diagnostics
(edit) @3304   4 years acosce in orchidee.card there was missing the copy of file add copy …
(edit) @3302   4 years acosce update lmdzorinca config to prepare configuration 6.0.11
(edit) @3276   4 years acosce Correct the type of directory (monthly instead of daily) where are store …
(edit) @3251   5 years acosce Add Physiq NPv6.0.10 to LMDZORINCA config
(edit) @3244   5 years acosce update configuration to fit with new inca version rev670 (add the …
(edit) @3191   5 years acosce Add file forcagelmdz in output save for aerosols configurations in INCA …
(edit) @3179   5 years acosce 1- add flag "-prod" in config/AA_make 2- add comment on inca.card in case …
(edit) @3160   5 years acosce put monthly output for the pdCtrl experiment of INCA AER
(edit) @3159   5 years acosce remove file in output - Add the possibility to manage the …
(edit) @3158   5 years acosce update LMDZORINCA with LMDZ physics 6.0.8
(edit) @3117   5 years acosce update LMDZORINCA_v6 : Add copie of histstrataer.xml in lmdz.card Add …
(edit) @3066   5 years acosce Add calcul of chemistry flux in AER_pdControl and NMHC case
(edit) @3065   5 years acosce correction on traceur.def in case of INCA configuration
(add) @3064   5 years acosce Add Experiment with Aer in 144x142x79 NP
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