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(edit) @2547   7 years acosce Change some parameter names in inca configurations
(edit) @2512   7 years jgipsl
(edit) @2509   7 years jgipsl Copied modifications done in LMDZOR_v6 into the other configurations. …
(edit) @2480   7 years jgipsl Correction for experiments with ce0l. In lmdz.driver : use_filtre_fft is …
(edit) @2478   7 years acosce cut-copy from IPSCLM6CHT to be ok for diff_configuration (one empty line …
(edit) @2477   7 years jgipsl Propagate previous commite rev 2476 to the other v6 configurations.
(edit) @2470   7 years jgipsl Added cases for iphysiq depending on physics and resolution. -For AP and …
(edit) @2454   7 years acosce Add new parameter in inca.def to choose method for using gcm's 10m winds
(edit) @2442   7 years acosce Add DUST configuration in compilation and driver
(edit) @2410   7 years jgipsl - clean in orchidee.def : only keep paramers not having default values - …
(edit) @2399   7 years acosce In LMDZORINCA_v6 config * Add possibility to choose between xios and/or …
(edit) @2382   7 years jgipsl Homogenisation with modifications done previously in IPSLCM6 and LMDZOR.
(edit) @2370   7 years acosce Add xios in inca.def and inca.driver
(edit) @2366   7 years acosce Add modification to manage output with xios
(edit) @2352   8 years aclsce Fixed syntax error.
(edit) @2349   8 years acosce Add inca.driver and inca.def in LMDZORINCA_v6 config
(edit) @2346   8 years jgipsl Update LMDZORINC_v6 config with modifications done on LMDZOR_6 et IPSLCM6.
(add) @2330   8 years acosce Add working configuration lmdzorinca_v6 - with nitrate in chemistry - …
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