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(edit) @2439   8 years acosce Add new chemistry configuration for INCA (Dust only)
(edit) @2438   8 years acosce While bug with xios in inca is not solve, we use ioipsl by default
(edit) @2415   8 years jgipsl Remove REFTEMP_FILE from orchidee parameter file. This parameter has as …
(edit) @2414   8 years jgipsl Removed parameter SLOWPROC_HEIGHT from orchidee.def : this parameter is …
(edit) @2410   8 years jgipsl - clean in orchidee.def : only keep paramers not having default values - …
(edit) @2405   8 years jgipsl Added used_*def and output.def in Output TextFiles?.
(edit) @2404   8 years acosce Add "clean" and "parallel compilation" in LMDZORINCA config compilation
(edit) @2403   8 years acosce there was an error in config.card for AER chemistry
(edit) @2402   8 years acosce Update the makefile for LMDZORINCA in order to compile AER and GES …
(edit) @2401   8 years acosce Add a GES config in LMDZORINCA + some modification in other chemistries
(edit) @2400   8 years acosce correction to run inca with xios in server mode
(edit) @2399   8 years acosce In LMDZORINCA_v6 config * Add possibility to choose between xios and/or …
(edit) @2397   8 years jgipsl - Corrected number of MPI for lmdz. - Put section [ListOfComponents?] and …
(edit) @2396   8 years jgipsl Save xios text output file for error messages.
(edit) @2392   8 years acosce change path for boundary files
(edit) @2391   8 years acosce Add new configuration for LMDZORINCA_v6 (AER) and update experiment to …
(edit) @2388   8 years acosce Some little modifciation in lmdz.card for INCA config with XIOS / MPI-OMP …
(edit) @2387   8 years jgipsl Updated as done in IPSLCM6 in rev [2372] due to changes in LMDZ source …
(edit) @2386   8 years jgipsl Oups. Error in previous commit: bad placed xios.card file.
(edit) @2385   8 years jgipsl Update experiment LMDZOR/clim to run XIOS with one server. Before the …
(edit) @2382   8 years jgipsl Homogenisation with modifications done previously in IPSLCM6 and LMDZOR.
(edit) @2370   8 years acosce Add xios in inca.def and inca.driver
(edit) @2369   8 years jgipsl Update iodef.xml already done in IPSLCM6 in commit [2362].
(edit) @2367   8 years acosce Update makefile for the configuration LMDZORINCA_v6
(edit) @2366   8 years acosce Add modification to manage output with xios
(edit) @2352   8 years aclsce Fixed syntax error.
(edit) @2349   8 years acosce Add inca.driver and inca.def in LMDZORINCA_v6 config
(edit) @2347   8 years jgipsl Copied experiment LMDZOR/clim into LMDZORINCA_v6 config.
(edit) @2346   8 years jgipsl Update LMDZORINC_v6 config with modifications done on LMDZOR_6 et IPSLCM6.
(add) @2330   8 years acosce Add working configuration lmdzorinca_v6 - with nitrate in chemistry - …
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