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(edit) @2471   9 years jgipsl Added gcm.def for grid containing zoom over Europe.
(edit) @2470   9 years jgipsl Added cases for iphysiq depending on physics and resolution. -For AP and …
(edit) @2415   9 years jgipsl Remove REFTEMP_FILE from orchidee parameter file. This parameter has as …
(edit) @2414   9 years jgipsl Removed parameter SLOWPROC_HEIGHT from orchidee.def : this parameter is …
(edit) @2410   9 years jgipsl - clean in orchidee.def : only keep paramers not having default values - …
(edit) @2387   9 years jgipsl Updated as done in IPSLCM6 in rev [2372] due to changes in LMDZ source …
(edit) @2382   9 years jgipsl Homogenisation with modifications done previously in IPSLCM6 and LMDZOR.
(edit) @2369   10 years jgipsl Update iodef.xml already done in IPSLCM6 in commit [2362].
(edit) @2352   10 years aclsce Fixed syntax error.
(edit) @2342   10 years jgipsl - Old type error: changed fh en hf - Commented out modifications on files …
(edit) @2341   10 years jgipsl Changed to use IGCM_comp_modifyXmlFile.
(edit) @2338   10 years jgipsl Set variable to AUTO and correcte to use new funtion for its modifcation.
(edit) @2337   10 years jgipsl More homogenization.
(edit) @2336   10 years jgipsl More homogenization between IPSLCM6 and LMDZOR_v6.
(edit) @2335   10 years jgipsl Updated comme IPSLCM6
(edit) @2333   10 years jgipsl Update to use IGCM_comp_modifyDefFile instead of local functions …
(edit) @2332   10 years jgipsl Added modifications done in IPSLCM6.
(edit) @2321   10 years jgipsl Add error check if the year is not in forcing file for solar activity and …
(edit) @2320   10 years jgipsl As [2319] now for _v6 : Removed option to automatically launch …
(edit) @2240   10 years jgipsl Correct type error.
(edit) @2238   10 years jgipsl - Add iodef.xml adapted for forced mode in PARAM - Add automatic inclusion …
(edit) @2233   10 years jgipsl Removed xml files specific for nemo and not LMDZOR.
(edit) @2229   10 years aclsce Added driver and card files for XIOS component (used in server mode).
(edit) @2209   10 years sdipsl Fix call stack tree
(copy) @2196   10 years jgipsl Start builing the LMDZOR_v6 configuration.
(edit) @2191   10 years omamce O.M. : add monitoring for lim3
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