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(edit) @2884   8 years cetlod Add missing output name variable in field_def_nemo-lim.xml
(edit) @2875   8 years cetlod Minor updates of NEMO_v6 co,figuration
(edit) @2873   8 years cetlod change nn_fsbc = 2 (to be compatible to rn_rdt)
(edit) @2872   8 years cetlod Change bio-retroaction parametrisation from Chl. observations to PISCES …
(edit) @2871   8 years cetlod Change time-step for NEMO ORCA1 configuration
(edit) @2870   8 years cetlod Update NEMO_v6 configuration to new NEMO revision
(edit) @2864   8 years cetlod Clean & update NEMO_v6 configuration
(edit) @2848   8 years cetlod Take an ocean point -ORCA2/ORCA1/eORCA1- for NEMO scalar
(edit) @2836   8 years cetlod update monitoring for PISCES
(edit) @2835   8 years cetlod update monitoring for PISCES
(edit) @2829   8 years cetlod Add script for NEMO_v6 monitoring
(edit) @2816   8 years cetlod change the runoff file for eORCA1 climatology experiment
(edit) @2815   8 years cetlod minor correction of opa driver
(edit) @2814   8 years cetlod Phase NEMO_v6 configuration with new eORCA1 reference for CMIP6
(edit) @2762   8 years cetlod update lim3 namelist for eORCA1
(edit) @2761   8 years cetlod update field_def.xml for NEMO config for consistency with the NEMO rev …
(edit) @2737   8 years cetlod phase NEMO config to the head of v3.6 stabe branch
(edit) @2719   8 years cetlod Update opa driver to take into account high frequency output
(edit) @2718   8 years cetlod Minor change in opa driver
(edit) @2707   9 years cetlod put the correct units for PISCES passive tracers
(edit) @2706   9 years cetlod Add stand-alone PISCES experiments in NEMO_v6 configuration
(edit) @2663   9 years cetlod Minors corrections on NEMO_v6 configurations
(edit) @2662   9 years cetlod set domain decomposition for NEMO_v6/eORCA1 experiments
(edit) @2661   9 years cetlod update card and namelists for NEMO_v6 configurations
(edit) @2660   9 years cetlod add AUTO in namelist_cfg
(edit) @2657   9 years cetlod Add new experiment for NEMO interannual simulations
(edit) @2656   9 years cetlod update cards, drivers and parameters for NEMO_v6 configurations
(edit) @2655   9 years cetlod Adapt NEMO config for libIGCM v2.7
(edit) @2648   9 years cetlod Apply minor corrections
(edit) @2647   9 years cetlod update namelist and card for NEMO_v6 configurations
(edit) @2645   9 years cetlod update NEMO v6 configuration
(add) @2639   9 years cetlod Add new NEMO configurations in v6
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