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(edit) @5850   13 months acosce suppression of RebuildFrequency? option in all v7 configurations and …
(edit) @5849   13 months acosce remove to files add by error on svn
(edit) @5841   13 months acosce In config ICOLMDZORINCA fix 2 bugs 1- in dynamico.driver calcul of nbtrac …
(edit) @5714   14 months acosce modify dynamico restart for experiment with inca
(edit) @5711   14 months acosce for ICOLMDZORINCA_v7 config add the possibility to read nqtot from …
(edit) @5709   14 months acosce update co2_carbonator file for ICOLMDZORINCA_v7 config
(edit) @5707   14 months acosce update start file for dynamico in ICOLMDZORINCA config.
(edit) @5706   14 months acosce use tracer.def create by inca for CREATE_E0 with dynamico in ICOLMDZORINCA …
(edit) @5705   14 months acosce Now inca create a file tracer.def - the compilation copy this file on bin …
(edit) @5695   14 months acosce add management of tracers_dynamico.xml
(edit) @5694   14 months acosce Add create_etat0 directory to create start0 file for dynamico with values …
(edit) @5693   14 months acosce example of tracer.def parameter file need by dynamico (git version) to run …
(edit) @5651   15 months acosce update ICOLMDZORINCA configuration to run in mpi_omp
(edit) @5648   15 months acosce fixe a bug in arch.path for IRENE skl on ICOLMODZIRNCA config
(edit) @5626   16 months acosce fixe a bug introduced in previews commit for compilation on irene-amd
(edit) @5625   16 months acosce Add some modification to correct some bug due to management of ICO grid
(edit) @5622   16 months acosce update config ICOLMDZORINCA 1- solve a problem on arch.path 2- add …
(edit) @5594   16 months acosce Add regular experiment in ICOLMDZORINCA configuration
(edit) @5591   17 months acosce suppress resolution for inca compilation, now the information will be …
(edit) @5589   17 months acosce fixe a bug in lmdz.card for ICOLMDZORINCA config
(edit) @5588   17 months acosce add GENERAL files for config ICOLMDZORINCA
(edit) @5587   17 months acosce add arch.path for ICOLMDZORINCA config
(edit) @5586   17 months acosce new configuration for LMDZORINCA coupled with Dynamico
(edit) @5547   18 months acosce Add arch.env for irene amd
(edit) @5546   18 months acosce update compilation script for lmdzorinca_v7
(edit) @5545   18 months acosce Add irene amd for compilation
(edit) @5543   18 months acosce minor corrections
(add) @5542   18 months acosce Add new configuration to coupled lmdzorinca with dynamico. In first step …
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