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(edit) @2111   10 years acosce Add historical simulation for IPSLCM5CHT config
(edit) @2110   10 years omamce O.M. : nn_ice_emb is no AUTO, and set by opa9.driver, depending on sea ice …
(edit) @2109   10 years omamce O.M. : detection of sea ice model use.
(edit) @2108   10 years omamce O.M. : update for selecting LIM2 or LIM3
(edit) @2106   10 years jgipsl Bug fix : corrected bad behaviour if the master config was LMDZOR_v5.2
(edit) @2105   10 years omamce O. Marti Add possibility to use LIM3
(edit) @2104   10 years omamce O. Marti Add lim3.driver. A copy off lim2.driver
(edit) @2103   10 years omamce O. Marti Add lim3.driver Each driver (lim2 and lim3) get the ad hoc …
(edit) @2102   10 years omamce . Marti Rename namelist_ice_ORCA 2 in namelist_lim2_ORCA2 Add …
(edit) @2101   10 years jgipsl Removed INCLUDEDEF=orchidee.def, inca.def, reprobus.def and guide.def from …
(edit) @2100   10 years mafoipsl ptn variable is not required. Removed it to fix this old mistake.
(edit) @2099   10 years acosce Add a CREATE directory for INCA configuration (with tracer in
(edit) @2098   10 years acosce Add veget output in inca.card
(edit) @2097   10 years acosce Add cartepente2d in orchidee.card to fit with orchidee version
(edit) @2096   10 years acosce Add some parameter for Adriana 10m wind simulation
(edit) @2095   10 years acosce modify parameter value for orchidee/inca coupling
(edit) @2094   10 years acosce Modify path in [Restart] part of INCA config.card
(edit) @2093   10 years aclsce - Modified name of output files created by NEMOGCM (*.card, iodef.xml) - …
(edit) @2090   10 years aclsce Added use of key_lim2_vp to be similar to ice rheology used in IPSLCM5A.
(edit) @2089   10 years aclsce Added the use of "-e" option of makenemo to use IPSLCM6 specific NEMO …
(edit) @2087   10 years omamce O.M. : set TagName?=IPSLCM6 :-)
(edit) @2086   10 years omamce O.M. : bug correction. Temporary
(edit) @2085   10 years omamce O.M.: add some needed input files
(edit) @2084   10 years omamce O.M. : set parsub=0 for coupled mode. Change creepl to IPSLCM5 value
(edit) @2083   10 years omamce O.M. : small modif to handle NEMO outputs
(edit) @2082   10 years omamce O.M. : get new input files prepared by C Ethe
(edit) @2080   10 years omamce O.M. : add field_def.xml and domain_def.xml to ParameterFiles?
(edit) @2076   10 years acosce Update BCOV config (LMDZORINCA) * add news parameters in inca.def * add …
(edit) @2075   10 years omamce O.M. : add some tabs where needed.
(edit) @2072   10 years acosce Add external parameter in inca for IPSLCM5CHT
(edit) @2071   10 years acosce Add new external parameter (aerosol feedback) in differents inca config
(edit) @2070   10 years acosce Change INCA3 by INCA in compilation of IPSLCM5CHT
(edit) @2067   10 years acosce uncomment compilation of create etat0
(edit) @2063   10 years jgipsl Do not delete what is in modipsl/bin during a "make clean".
(edit) @2062   10 years cetlod PSLCM6_rc0 : No damping & close seas must be activated
(edit) @2061   10 years cetlod IPSLCM6_rc0 : update ORCA2 namelists
(edit) @2060   10 years cetlod Compilation of IPSLCM6_rc0, 1st step : update AA_make file / delete …
(edit) @2056   10 years jgipsl Added compiling of ORCHIDEE offline drivers by default.
(edit) @2053   10 years jgipsl Added new configuration LMDZOR_v5.2 : This is the same as LMDZOR_v5 but …
(edit) @2052   10 years jgipsl Adapted script to allow configuration names with extension after family …
(edit) @2049   10 years aclsce Added files to synhchronize configurations. Scripts have to be adapted.
(edit) @2048   10 years aclsce Moved IPSLCM5 to IPSLCM.
(edit) @2047   10 years aclsce Copied v5/IPSLCM5_v5 into v6.
(edit) @2046   10 years aclsce Created v6 directory.
(edit) @2043   10 years aclsce Added ada and curie compilation options for IPSLCM5B configuration.
(edit) @2042   10 years aclsce Put -mcmodel=large for Ada compilation
(edit) @2041   10 years aclsce Put -mcmodel=large for Ada compilation.
(edit) @2034   10 years jgipsl OldName? was missing in LMDZ/clim/config.card. OldName? is a mandatory …
(edit) @2032   10 years jgipsl Only change in comment for flag_aerosol (add =0 no aerosol).
(edit) @2031   10 years acosce Add parameter for orchidee/inca interface
(edit) @2030   10 years acosce Create dev configuration for coupling between orchidee and inca
(edit) @2029   10 years acosce Create a directory for developpement in v5 versions
(edit) @2026   10 years acosce Add inca.def copy in RUN_DIR
(edit) @2024   10 years acosce Add a parameter file for INCA model : inca.def
(edit) @2019   10 years jgipsl Corrected one parmeter for case CWRR (new hydrol).
(edit) @2018   10 years jgipsl - Ajoute variable DefSuffix? dans orchidee.card. DefSuffix?=Choi par defaut. …
(edit) @2017   10 years aclsce Added compilation options for ada to BB_make* files.
(edit) @2016   10 years acosce Bug fixe : there is no restart file in GES version
(edit) @2015   10 years acosce Modify lmdz.card/lmdz.driver/config.def to fit with last LMDZ revision …
(edit) @2014   10 years acosce Change INCA directory from INCA3 to INCA
(edit) @2004   10 years acosce Add PackFrequency? in config.card for inca config
(edit) @2002   10 years acosce Change target syntaxe for 19level compilation (inca)
(edit) @2001   10 years sdipsl - For homogoneity between configuration
(edit) @2000   10 years acosce Change path for input file on inca.card (use cccwork instead of dmnfs)
(edit) @1998   10 years sdipsl Correct syntax error so as to be portable (ada)
(edit) @1994   10 years mafoipsl Added compilation options for NEMO for Ada (IDRIS machine)
(edit) @1937   10 years jgipsl Added modifications for REPROBUS in coupled mode.
(edit) @1934   10 years jgipsl Added configuration avec only LMDZ. This is the same as LMDZOR but without …
(edit) @1923   11 years jgipsl Corrected bug affecting create_etat0_limit for leap calendar.
(edit) @1918   11 years acosce correct bug in compilation of 19 levels for LMDZORINCA config
(edit) @1917   11 years acosce correct bug in compilation of LMDZORINCA (144x142)
(edit) @1909   11 years jgipsl Changed ${R_OUT} into ${ARCHIVE}/IGCM_OUT when it concerns a input …
(edit) @1902   11 years jgipsl Added target to compile ORCHIDEE driver executable. Possible only with …
(edit) @1897   11 years jgipsl Corrected bug while using experience CREATE : Added test if file Bands_ …
(edit) @1895   11 years acosce Cleaning on INCA AAmake
(edit) @1894   11 years jgipsl Type error in last commit.
(edit) @1893   11 years jgipsl Corrected bug in lmdz.driver introduced by myself in rev 1892 : Before …
(edit) @1892   11 years jgipsl Changed to copy Bands file into PARAM directory in submit dir. An extra …
(edit) @1891   11 years jgipsl Added in InitialStateFiles? and for LMDZ, only in …
(edit) @1890   11 years jgipsl Changed to RESOL_ATM instead of LMD9695.
(edit) @1836   11 years acosce Add new config for BCOV version of Orchidee and Inca
(edit) @1833   11 years acosce Add README "How to create a job and run directory" in each config
(edit) @1830   11 years jgipsl - Corrected DateEnd? to end with 30 when CalendarType?=360d. - Changed …
(edit) @1821   11 years acosce Add two news TagName? : * IPSLCM5CHS (Coupled configuration with …
(edit) @1820   11 years acosce Bug fixed in IPSLCM5CHT_v5
(edit) @1818   11 years acosce Add coupled configuration with aerosol online
(edit) @1817   11 years acosce remove a blank at the end of line
(edit) @1816   11 years acosce Add aerosol_couple in all config.def Add radiativ forcing in inca_aer …
(edit) @1814   11 years acosce Add GES in LMDZORINCA newconfig
(edit) @1813   11 years acosce For NMHC_AER config : - Add new config with management of resolution …
(edit) @1812   11 years acosce Add new variable in inca.driver
(edit) @1811   11 years acosce Delete old config AER
(edit) @1810   11 years acosce Add new directory for AER config now we can change the resolution without …
(edit) @1805   11 years jgipsl Removed suffix _clim in and files in CREATE_clim …
(edit) @1804   11 years jgipsl Small modifications for CREATE_clim and CREATE_amip experiences : - Adde …
(edit) @1803   11 years lfairhead Update of piControl and historical experiments for IPSLCM5B configuration …
(edit) @1802   11 years acosce Add 3 variables for management of resolution in lmdz.driver * …
(edit) @1800   11 years acosce Add 3 variables for definition for resolution in lmdz.driver * …
(edit) @1798   11 years acosce Change classification tree for inca's input files It's change the way to …
(edit) @1795   11 years acosce Add new resolution in config with inca (144x142x39)
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