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(edit) @2909   6 years jgipsl - For creation of interannual files, CREATE_amip, ce0l now …
(edit) @2908   6 years acosce change the storage directory for monthly output
(edit) @2907   6 years jgipsl Set default value for stomate output frequency even if the files are …
(edit) @2906   6 years lfairhead Changing physics version used in LMDZ for IPSLCM6.0.4 reference LF
(edit) @2905   6 years cetlod Add in SOURCES/NEMO a corrected version of tvd advection scheme
(edit) @2904   6 years jgipsl Removed option to switch of XIOS for LMDZ. Note the option was not working …
(edit) @2903   6 years omamce O.M. : encore des corrections sur diaptr …
(edit) @2902   6 years omamce O.M. : correction des indices sur diaptr pour ORCA1 et ORCA2
(edit) @2901   6 years jgipsl Always have nbapp_rad=16 in couled and forced run. Frederic Hourdin
(edit) @2900   6 years jgipsl Better comments and reordering.
(edit) @2897   6 years acosce now h2o tracer are read in traceur.def even in Inca configuration (rev …
(edit) @2896   6 years jgipsl Put back pmagic=0.0 as before commit [2893]. Only IPSLCM6 pdControl …
(edit) @2895   6 years jgipsl Updated LMDZOR experiment in IPSLCM6 due to previous commit.
(edit) @2893   6 years jgipsl Updated LMDZOR_v6 as done for IPSLCM6.0.4 from revision [2876] uptil …
(edit) @2892   6 years omamce O.M : rajout TS riverflow et coastalflow
(edit) @2891   6 years omamce O.M. : passage a la geometrie eORCA1.2 : Caspienne corrigee
(edit) @2889   6 years acosce update output in TS for INCA configuration
(edit) @2888   6 years lfairhead Setting pmagic to 0.01 for all pdcontrol simulations LF
(edit) @2886   6 years aclsce IPSLCM6.0.4 : Fixed bugs
(edit) @2884   6 years cetlod Add missing output name variable in field_def_nemo-lim.xml
(edit) @2883   6 years lfairhead Definition of the physics package to use for LMDZ in the IPSLCM6.0.4 …
(edit) @2882   6 years cetlod Enable restoring of passive tracers on closed seas
(edit) @2880   6 years aclsce - Back to previous revision : problem fixed in libIGCM.
(edit) @2879   6 years aclsce Removed xml files not needed anymore for NEMO (use of shaconemo files) …
(edit) @2878   6 years cetlod Update namelist parameters file, sources files & xml files according to …
(edit) @2876   6 years aclsce Set up of IPSLCM6.0.4 (see details …
(edit) @2875   6 years cetlod Minor updates of NEMO_v6 co,figuration
(edit) @2873   6 years cetlod change nn_fsbc = 2 (to be compatible to rn_rdt)
(edit) @2872   6 years cetlod Change bio-retroaction parametrisation from Chl. observations to PISCES …
(edit) @2871   6 years cetlod Change time-step for NEMO ORCA1 configuration
(edit) @2870   6 years cetlod Update NEMO_v6 configuration to new NEMO revision
(edit) @2869   6 years acosce fixed a bug in GES configuration --> there is no aerosol in this version
(edit) @2867   6 years acosce Removed specific treatment of Bands_ file and option adjust in lmdz. See …
(edit) @2866   6 years jgipsl Added compilation of rrtm needed for NPv5.5 phyisics with LMDZ.
(edit) @2865   6 years cetlod Bugfix on passive tracers restoring in closed seas, before new NEMO …
(edit) @2864   6 years cetlod Clean & update NEMO_v6 configuration
(edit) @2863   6 years cetlod Minor bug correction of pisces.driver and remove passive tracers restoring …
(edit) @2862   6 years jgipsl Add -cpp XIOS1 in the compilation of LMDZ. This is done to force newer …
(edit) @2861   6 years omamce O.M.: add damping in closed seas for PISCES tracers
(edit) @2860   6 years omamce O.M. : coorect line to save bioscalar
(edit) @2859   6 years jgipsl Removed specific treatment of Bands_ file and option adjust in lmdz. See …
(edit) @2858   6 years cetlod Add modified diaar5.F90 routine & update trcdmp.F90 routine
(edit) @2857   6 years omamce O.M. : correct some indices in closea for ORCA1 water budget on …
(edit) @2856   6 years jgipsl Correction of name of new output file out_"execname".
(edit) @2854   6 years sdipsl - Add a present day control setup for IPSLCM6 - Update config.card …
(edit) @2853   6 years lfairhead Follow-up to convection.def file cleanup LF
(edit) @2852   6 years lfairhead Spurrious character LF
(edit) @2848   6 years cetlod Take an ocean point -ORCA2/ORCA1/eORCA1- for NEMO scalar
(edit) @2847   6 years lfairhead Parameters that were in convection.def file are now in physiq.def file No …
(edit) @2846   6 years cetlod Take an ocean point -ORCA2/ORCA1/eORCA1- for NEMO scalar
(edit) @2841   6 years jgipsl Ticket #92 Correction on option lmdz_UserChoices_CARBON_CYCLE. Note this …
(edit) @2840   6 years acosce Change name to log output for create_etat0_limit in LMDZOR and in …
(edit) @2839   6 years cetlod Use the IGCM_comp_modifyNamelist function for PISCES parameters
(edit) @2838   6 years jgipsl Correction : ok_hines and ok_strato are set in vert.def
(edit) @2837   6 years cetlod update monitoring for PISCES
(edit) @2836   6 years cetlod update monitoring for PISCES
(edit) @2835   6 years cetlod update monitoring for PISCES
(edit) @2834   6 years cetlod activate passive tracers restoring on closed seas
(edit) @2833   6 years aclsce - Added config.card LongName? as global attribute of output files of v6 …
(edit) @2832   6 years omamce O.M. : correction sur la definition du lac Victoria
(edit) @2831   6 years omamce O.M. : ajout de wfo dans les series temporelles
(edit) @2830   6 years cetlod Add new file to update the closea restoring for PISCES
(edit) @2829   6 years cetlod Add script for NEMO_v6 monitoring
(edit) @2827   6 years omamce O.M. : corrections 2 coquilles (pas de sorties OPA et PISCES)
(edit) @2826   6 years omamce O.M. : correction to file_def_nemo to match iodef.xml of Shaconemo …
(edit) @2825   6 years omamce O.M. : Adaptation pour coller a Shaconemo/ORCA1_LIM3_PISCES revision 48
(edit) @2824   6 years omamce O.M. : les namelist*_* sont prises dans les sources NEMO
(edit) @2820   6 years aclsce LMDZ NPv5.5 for IPSLCM6.0.3-LR configuration.
(edit) @2819   6 years aclsce Cleaning in IPSLCM6 configuration
(edit) @2818   6 years aclsce Added convection.def for NPv5.4 needed for IPSLCM6.0.2. Updated LMDZORINCA …
(edit) @2817   6 years acosce Add new output file for xios in xios.card
(edit) @2816   6 years cetlod change the runoff file for eORCA1 climatology experiment
(edit) @2815   6 years cetlod minor correction of opa driver
(edit) @2814   6 years cetlod Phase NEMO_v6 configuration with new eORCA1 reference for CMIP6
(edit) @2813   6 years lfairhead Compatibility with config.card used by default LF
(edit) @2812   6 years acosce Add the save of out_gcm.e.err and out_gcm.e.out in [OutputText?] part of …
(edit) @2811   6 years acosce 1) update path of oxydants files for AER and GES configurations 2) update …
(edit) @2808   6 years lfairhead Compile LMDZ with new RRTM radiation module by default LF
(edit) @2807   6 years jgipsl Bug: Corrected vegetation map used for piControl experiment if no restart …
(edit) @2806   6 years lfairhead Subfixed convection.def file with LMDZ physics version LF
(edit) @2805   6 years lfairhead Added copy of convection.def file for new physics LMDZ LF
(edit) @2804   6 years acosce update path for o2a file, the previous path doesn't exist anymore
(edit) @2803   6 years acosce change directory name where input files are stored on IGCM
(edit) @2802   6 years lfairhead Added def files for LMDZ NPv5.5 LF
(edit) @2801   6 years lfairhead Added *def files for LMDZ NPv5.5 LF
(edit) @2796   6 years omamce O.M. : adaptation to NEMO rev 6353, and new files in NEMO inputs
(edit) @2795   6 years omamce O.M. : takes now namelist _ref in NEMO sources
(edit) @2794   6 years omamce O.M. : corrections for diaznl
(edit) @2793   6 years omamce OM.M : adaptations for last version of NEMO (rev 6353)
(edit) @2792   6 years omamce O.M. : add new diagnostics
(edit) @2789   6 years omamce O.M. : suppress definition of iiceconc. Use iceconc.
(edit) @2788   6 years omamce O.M. : switch to eORCA1.1 grid Temporary fix because siconc is not OK in …
(edit) @2786   6 years acosce DUSS configuration of LMDZORINCA don't need the oxydants file in input …
(edit) @2785   6 years acosce Save input files (for orchidee calculating NOx emissions) on igcmg space, …
(edit) @2784   6 years aclsce - Added "prw_global" as variable monitored in order to replace old …
(edit) @2782   6 years omamce O.M. : restauration de l'ordre d'appel des composantes
(edit) @2781   6 years omamce O.M. : correct number of cores for NEMO introduce ORCA_version
(edit) @2780   6 years omamce O.M. : suppress one instance of ALB_BG_MODIS
(edit) @2779   6 years omamce O.M. : takes sstoc in igcmg
(edit) @2778   6 years omamce O.M. : with Great Lakes and Victoria Lake
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