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(edit) @1932   9 years jgipsl Added possibility to read a scalar variable with one dimension if this …
(edit) @1927   9 years dsolyga Introduced the new subroutine moycum_index. Works the same way as moycum …
(edit) @1898   10 years jgipsl Corrected error introduced in rev 1808 : time was added as possible time …
(edit) @1896   10 years jgipsl Augmented maximum number of dimensions in file to rebuild needed for …
(edit) @1808   10 years jpolcher This modification of flincom.f90 treats 2 problems : - the time axis was …
(edit) @1660   10 years mmaipsl Add ipsldbg management for debugging flincom. Correct a bug in …
(edit) @1574   11 years mmaipsl Add parallel getin_dump_para function for test all non-parallel getin.
(edit) @1525   11 years mmaipsl Keep name of each history file.
(edit) @1524   11 years mmaipsl Add lot of debug prints. Keep name of each restart files.
(edit) @1519   11 years mmaipsl Use ipsldbg function for all check in calendar. Ease debugging date …
(edit) @1518   11 years mmaipsl Use ipslout unit to print all messages in fliocom.
(edit) @1517   11 years mmaipsl Add new function histglobal_attr to give GLOBAL ATTRIBUTES in history …
(edit) @1378   11 years mmaipsl Enhancement : use ipslout number from errioipsl to redirect all prints of …
(edit) @1377   11 years mmaipsl F90 norm correction : iilen and iim (resp jjlen and jjm) arguments of …
(edit) @1376   11 years mmaipsl Enhancement : add ipslout number in public list of errioipsl to give the …
(edit) @1375   11 years mmaipsl Because of undefined value on test at line 811 on compline (line …
(edit) @1336   11 years mmaipsl Thank's to lahey fujitsu compiler, correct INTENT argument in get_fil …
(edit) @1315   11 years mmaipsl Correct another bug come from rev 11 : if real compressed vectors were …
(edit) @1314   11 years mmaipsl In my previous (1313) I forget to mention D.Solyga and I have corrected a …
(edit) @1313   11 years mmaipsl Replace check parameter for ipsldbg output to simplfy getincom debugging. …
(edit) @1030   12 years bellier The last version of IOIPSL
(edit) @1028   12 years bellier The positive direction of a vertical axis must be "up" or "down". If the …
(edit) @1027   12 years bellier Bugfix on the time axis
(edit) @1025   12 years bellier Added a test to avoid warnings for variable without attributes
(edit) @1023   12 years bellier New version with bounds for reductive time operations
(edit) @1011   12 years bellier New handling for time axes
(edit) @1007   12 years bellier Minor bugfix
(edit) @1006   12 years bellier Remove the tag
(edit) @1005   12 years bellier Increase the size of the title for variables
(edit) @979   12 years bellier New version without bug !
(edit) @978   12 years bellier Delete the bad version before new install
(edit) @977   12 years bellier Misstype suppressed
(edit) @975   12 years bellier New tagged version
(edit) @965   12 years bellier Increase the maximum number of simultaneously defined domains (up to 64)
(edit) @964   12 years bellier Reinitialize some elements at the closure of a file
(edit) @963   12 years bellier Added the "getin_name" subroutine which allows the user to change the name …
(edit) @962   12 years bellier - New interface for histbeg (regular 1d or 2D, irregular) - New interface …
(edit) @957   12 years bellier histcom : securize histsync and histclo fliocom : change argument name of …
(edit) @953   12 years bellier Suppress a little misstype in debug mode
(edit) @940   12 years bellier Change the name of the optional argument mode -> cmode in fliocrfd to …
(edit) @936   12 years bellier stringop : - added a subroutine ("str_xfw") to extract the words of a …
(edit) @887   12 years bellier using new fillvalue argument in fliodefv
(edit) @886   12 years bellier added optional argument fillvalue to fliodefv for external Netcdf …
(edit) @881   12 years bellier - Changed ALLOCATABLE attribute to POINTER for a structure element - …
(edit) @879   12 years bellier bugfix for variables with REAL8 external type
(edit) @857   12 years bellier Deallocate time-buffers at the closure of files
(edit) @856   12 years bellier New handling of the time_buffer : one buffer for each variable
(edit) @846   12 years bellier Update according to the new version of src/mathelp
(edit) @845   12 years bellier Update to FORTRAN 90
(edit) @807   12 years bellier Modify examples according to the new version of histdef
(edit) @806   12 years bellier Added optional argument "standard_name" to histdef
(edit) @761   13 years bellier Added a return code for bad processing
(edit) @760   13 years bellier Default creating mode for netcdf files is now 64-bits
(edit) @759   13 years bellier Added a return code in errioipsl(ipslerr) to be trapped by scripts
(edit) @752   13 years bellier Added the possibility to choose the kind of NETCDF variables (R4/R8) by …
(edit) @742   13 years bellier epace by trunk
(edit) @741   13 years bellier Suppress tag v2_1_9 to replace it
(edit) @740   13 years bellier _Fillvalue --> FillValue?
(edit) @715   13 years bellier Create tag v2_1_9 : - new function ioget_year_len in calendar - time axis …
(edit) @714   13 years bellier Declare the time axis in double precision in NETCDF files
(edit) @693   13 years bellier Added an integer function "ioget_year_len(year)" returning the true length …
(edit) @640   13 years bellier Little correction for error message
(edit) @537   13 years bellier Last version with new "getincom"
(edit) @536   13 years bellier New version with dynamic extension
(edit) @444   13 years bellier update to the last version
(edit) @441   13 years bellier some minor modifications
(edit) @440   13 years bellier Removing trans_buff
(edit) @430   14 years bellier Changed a "FATAL ERROR" to a "WARNING" (problems with calendar in …
(edit) @429   14 years bellier added dynamic debug (see ipsldbg in errioipsl)
(edit) @428   14 years bellier some bugfixes
(edit) @427   14 years bellier minor modifications
(edit) @421   14 years bellier some corrections with this tag v2_1_6
(edit) @420   14 years bellier histcom : added the NETCDF standard_name attribute for variables flincom : …
(edit) @416   14 years bellier Changed an initialization to suppress a bug in a test (from JG)
(edit) @401   14 years bellier Created tag v2_1_5 (with CeCILL license)
(edit) @386   14 years bellier Added CeCILL License information
(edit) @374   14 years bellier Updating
(edit) @373   14 years bellier Remove to update
(edit) @372   14 years bellier Changing a test for more security
(edit) @371   14 years bellier Last version of IOIPSL (bugs fix).
(edit) @369   14 years bellier Suppressed a bug in case of very short records.
(edit) @368   14 years bellier Suppressed an unused variable.
(edit) @367   14 years bellier Adapting some tests to be conform with new versions of NETCDF
(edit) @366   14 years bellier Some cleaning
(edit) @363   14 years bellier Updating for more compliance with CF Metadata Convention.
(edit) @362   14 years bellier - Updating for more compliance with CF Metadata Convention. - Some …
(edit) @361   14 years bellier Suppress tag (bed commit). Sorry.
(edit) @360   14 years bellier New tag (copy of the trunk version) : towards the CF convention fort …
(edit) @359   14 years bellier More compliance with the CF Metadata Convention
(edit) @358   14 years bellier A little step towards the CF Metadata Convention
(edit) @338   14 years bellier New tag to fix a bug in restcom
(edit) @335   14 years bellier Added an initialization for overwrite_time
(edit) @330   14 years bellier JB: correcting a bug encountered for large number of input files
(edit) @329   14 years bellier - modified an error message - added an option in fliocrfd to create a file …
(edit) @306   14 years bellier JB: update
(edit) @304   14 years bellier JB: remove to replace by trunk
(edit) @295   14 years bellier JB: Fix a bug introduced in 2003 (!)
(edit) @265   14 years bellier JB: create a new tag for IOIPSL (last version)
(edit) @259   14 years bellier JB : a GREAT cleaning !
(edit) @258   14 years bellier JB : correcting a comment
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